Training to Become Powerful

Hey guys, i’m very intrested in finding a program that encouarges developing strength/ muscle for practical purposes, not for the look.

Sure, i started weight training due to vainty but this has definatley become less of a intrest to me and thus i am no longer concerned with ‘body-building’ I need to find a program were i can incorporate strength, power, speed and agility.

I have been following the principles of Chad Waterbury over the past two yrs but his programs never seem to include explosive excerises such as snatch/clean. This whole area is very new to me but its something im definatley in the porcess of exploring, i was just wondering if you guys no of any porgram that can help me.




Maybe strongman training? Many of the events are basically manual labor tasks with extreme loads. To me manual labor that seems like the most practical of purposes. And you can train for competition so you have a goal in front of you. Or you can take up Olympic lifting, shotput, discus… very explosive sports.

If you just want a lifting program for generic athletes which includes plenty of Oly lift variations, many of Dan John’s programs do. Pretty much any full-body program can be adapted to use Oly lifts, too.

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