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Training Tips?

hey T-Nation
i started training about a month ago in my garage. i have a bentch a straight bar and curved bar and dumbells and about 90 kilos of weights.my day 1 is biceps 3x10 curved bar with 22 kilos, pecs bentch press 3X10 with 50 kilos and traps dumbell shrug 3x10 with about 52 kilos. when thats done i usually do 2 sets of incline bentch dumbell presses and 2 sets of hammer curls till i cant any more!

My seconde day is triceps skullcrusher 3x10 with 20 kilos, shoulders military press 3X10 with 24 kilos and abs i do 4 sets of situp and leg raises. I take a Creatine monohydrate drink before i train and usullaly drink a proteine shake with a banana in it during the day. my goal is to get cut and mostly get bigger arms and chest.

i was wondering if i should do all my muscles one after the other like do the 3 sets of bentch press one after the other because now i do one sets bentch press one set biceps and one sets traps and i repeat 3 times. i also run and do jump rope for my legs because i give them a little less attention than my upper body. well feel free to critisize my training so i can make it better!!
PS excuse my english im in a french speaking town now

If I can give you one tip: train the larger movement exercises first, such as bench press, military press, etc before going into smaller movements such as curls and skullcrushers.

This way you aren’t fatiguing yourself before a huge lift.

Cutting and getting bigger doesn’t work well as a single goal. You will make much better progress if you decide to cut OR get a bigger upper body.

Cutting is mainly from reducing your calorie intake to below maintenance while cleaning up your diet.

If you want to get bigger than you must eat slightly more calories than maintenance AND eat cleanly. You could eat everything in sight but you would turn into a ball of fat.
3x10 is a good rep/set range for hypertrophy (getting HUGE) and you would do best to drop all the isolation work ( curls, etc) and focus mainly on compound lifts.

If you don’t know what a compound lift is or why you should be doing these then read articles on this site.

DB Bench
Military Press
Chin Up

Im sure I forgot some but DO THOSE. And dont focus on “getting a cutz chest dood and a byg azz bicepz.” Get big everywhere else and you will grow. Trust me man. I made the mistake when I first started by focusing on bullshit and it got me absolutely nowhere and pretty depressed.

Testosterone Advantage Plan
by Lou Schuler (Author), Jeff Volek (Author), Michael Mejia (Author), Andy Campbell

by Stuart McRobertson

Pick a training philosophy and stick to it. Try not to be swayed by the latest new stuff.

thanks for the answers it helped. but i was wondering because i dont have a chin up bar but i have like a stair case where i cant lift myself but is it the same thing on a bar and on a stair case i mean with the hands turned outwards?

You train in your garage. Just build yourself a fucking chin-up bar and suck it up. Do you want EASY or do you want GOOD?

You can’t go wrong with 49ers advice, unless you forget to put the plates on the bar.