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Training Tips Please


Hi, here are my stats:
19 years old
150 lbs

I'm really slim...I actually think i'm around 6-8% body fat. I've been training for 2 years switching methods, etc... btw, my twin brother dont train and weight 120 lbs... so you got the idea.

I'm searching for someone that was like me at the beginning and gained a lot of mass without taking any drugs/supplement other than eating like a monster.

It would be nice if you guys can post training routines/diet :slightly_smiling:

thx in advance !


Why dont you start by posting your training and diet for others to have a look at and make recommendations.


good idea.

Well, during winter holidays, I did the Penduluum training program from CT, and I think I gained 5-10 lbs..

Then, I tried the full body routine
of Chad.

Now I'm alterning upper/lower body training 6 days/week.

I'm eating the more I can. At least a meal every 3 hours.

I think i'll start the HSE-100 program from CT this summer it looks killer :slight_smile:


My Upper training looks like this :

All supersets 3x8
No specific tempo, just controlling my movements

Bench/supinated chins
Incline/barbell rowing
Flies/reverse flies

Preacher/nose breaker
seated bi's curls/french press

Shoulder press/dips


Squat/Leg press

30 min at 80% or 1 hour at 70% cardio


5*5 training worked well for me as I started lifting at 145# 5'10". I used primarily compound exercises i.e. squats, deads, bench, pullups, dips, military press, etc. This routine was done 4x a week for 2 years and I went from 145 to 193. Ate like a horse, probably 5000 calories daily on the average with at least 200-250 grams of protein a day. I didn't sweat the amount of fat, nothing too excessive mind you, but the goal was to get big.


Sometimes you answer your own questions. Your problem is your switching things around to much and training to many days a week. It sounds like you never stick to a set routine. You need to go and write down these exercises. Even put them on excel.

Barbell Squats
Barbell deadlifts
Bench Press
Incline bench Press
Barbell rows

Write your current weight you are using for each exercise. Each month add 5kgs to these exercises. E.g. In May you might be doing 145kgs on Deadlifts, at the end of the year your are doing 180kgs. Don't change these exercises, these are your core lifts, add other supplemently exercises.

Train in the 6-10 rep range for these lifts.

Do a ten day workout split. 10 -16 sets per workout. Its taken me a while, to work out that my body grows using multiple exercises sometimes up to 4-5 per muscle group. Some people grow using less. E.g. You need to workout whether you respond better to high frequency training or high volume training.

Heres what i suggest.

Day one: Legs and Calves (Hip Dominant Movements)
Day two: Biceps, triceps and Forearms.

Day Three: Off
Day Four: Chest, Back, Shoulders

Day five: Off
Day Six: Legs and Calves (Quad Dominant)
Day Seven: Biceps, triceps and Forearms.

Day Eight: Off
Day Nine: Chest, Back, Shoulders

Day ten: Off


If you dont want to use supps, then have four serves of meat a day. Along with them 2 serves of carbs and one serve of fruit or vegetables with each meal. So thats 4 meals a day. In between meals drink skim or whole meal milk try 1 litre per day. And 2 litres of water.

Good luck.


thx a lot :slight_smile:


Ok, so:

a) Stick to CT's and CW routines for now. They are good.
b) With all the cardio you do you need to be eating a lot. So either eat much more or drop all that cardio. If you must, do 30 min every other day.
c) What does your sample eating day look like?

My impression is that you probably have a problem in the diet department. How many calories are you eating? How many of which are carbs/fats/proteins? Give us a sample of what you normally eat in a day.


6am : 3 eggs with yagourt /2 toasts with peanut butter and jam + yagout

9am : 500g of beans

12am : 500g of chicken with vegetables, apple.

3pm : 500g of tuna

6pm : Supper, mostly vegetables and some tofu shit (weird mother)

10pm : Cereal, cookies, anything to fill me a little.


And what about tempo ?


Dude you are too small to worry about tempo, compound lifts and eat more. So you are saying you eat about 4 tins of tuna in one sitting? Or is it not canned? You say 500g of tuna,or 500g of chicken per sitting? I dunno but I am a little skeptical that you eat this much. Unless you are eating cheap quality chicken, I know that 500g of boneless chicken runs here in canada for about 8$ or more sometimes and this is from a grocery store.

I personnally wouldnt touch tofu, as its soy product, but I wouldnt complain, I ate that at home too, I used to be 200lbs and kept training and eating and I am now 285lbs. Although I have used protein powder and some creatine, though I never used it regularly. I used to eat canned tuna, canned turkey and chicken. and protein shakes. Anything to get calories in my body, I did go through a very succesful gain by eating mickey d's, just burgers though, while training heavy, I did gain fat obviously but upped the cardio after that.

The supps on this site are great, if I were you I would only get 2 supps if you can afford it, protein and creatine and like I said, the only reason i would recommend those is because its easy. If not put some cash on food, i know my parents never had enough beef or meat products, ie, 500grams to them is for 3-4 ppl for one meal... to me 500 grams is a snack. anyways you get the point, so good luck.


lower the load slowly and lift fast.


The key is PROGRESS. I was foolish for doing this when I first started out, I would just go for the "PUMP" and never really increase the weight, lol.

Monitor everything in the begining. Go for compound moves, learn the Olympic Lifts as soon as possible.

...and the standing military press


That's an okay meal. But I'd rather make a nice omlette loaded with veggies and cheese. Or scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese. Some toast on the side (whole wheat) with some natural peanut butter. Skip the jelly and yogurt for now.

Beans? Just beans? That's not a meal! You need to be eating some beans, some meat or other protein and some fruit or veggies!


That's all? Again, you need to eat some veggies with it or something.


Cereal? Cookies? CRAP! Eat some real food. How about some cottage cheese and some pineapple? Or a protein shake and some natural peanut butter?


I made my routine !!!

How does it looks ? Should I include my compounds lifts more than 1 time per 10 weeks ? Like doing squat/dead or bench/barbell rows the same day ?

Barbell Squats
Barbell deadlifts
Bench Press
Shoulder press
Barbell rows

Day One:
Squat 5x6
Leg extension 3x10
Good morning 4x8
Leg curls 3x10
Calves 3x10

Day Two:
Standing barbell curl 4x8
Rope hammers 3x10
Seated barbell rows 3x10
Nose breaker 4x8
Overhead dumbell curls(1 hand) 3x10
Cable curls 3x10
Wrist rollers 3x10

Day Four:
Bench press 5x6
Flies 3x10
Barbell rows 5x6
Shrugs 4x8
One arm front barbell raise 3x10
Standing deltoid raise 3x10

Day six:
Deadlift 5x6
Leg curls 3x10
Leg press 4x8
Lunges 3x10
Calves 3x10

Day seven:
Close grip bench press 4x8
Straight bar pushdowns 3x10
Dips 3x10
Preacher curls 4x8
Dumbell concentration curls 3x10
Reverse grip barbell curls 3x10
Palm-up wrist barbell curls 3x10

Day nine:
Shoulder press 5x6
One arm front barbell raise 3x10
Supinated chins 4x8
Shrugs 4x8
Free weight bench 4x8
Seated arm curls 3x10


Gimpz, right now I would be looking at Big Boy Basics on this site or any of the other programs here. With what you posted I need to ask why are you doing so many curls? If your going to design your own program focus on compunds lifts, at lest 75% of all exercises being compounds, the more the better. You wont get decent results with the program you put up. But if you go with it good luck


You need to stick to something more basic. BBB by Chad or CVT by Mike Mahler is good


If you want a decent programme PM me. Or go and do westside for skinny bastards. Because that above programme is SHITHOUSE. Newbees always want to do so much volume, why? I may sound like a Cnut but I've been there done that with gaining weight and I'm still gaining and learning.





for alternatives, try CW's LIFT FAST GET BIG, ive had great results with it...also, stick with it for 6 months, then do it again for another 6 months, oh and eat like a lesbo in a box factory.