Training Tips for Upper Chest Like Klokov?

If I am wanting a square, pronounced upper chest like Klokov below. Is there any reason to include bench/incline pressing or should I be focusing on overhead press variations?

There’s your ticket right there. Do incline work before flat bench, and don’t neglect your flyes. If you’re really struggling to gain size there, consider doing reverse-grip bench (even on incline) to target.

Don’t expect to look like this dude though, your genetics will determine how your muscles develop - it’s up to you to develop them though

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Doesnt matter. At all.
There is no way you can alter how your muscles look and grow. The only way you will look like Klokov is that you have simmilar genetics as he does.
Exercises, diets, lifestyle does not alter the shape of our muscles, our muscle insertions, lenghts etc.
You can look like you. Bigger, smaller, leaner, bulkier, but it will always be exactly like YOU, not him.
We can grow and get stronger, but we cant change the shape if it is not in our genetics.

10 years from now, no one will be able to tell that you did OHP variations or incline bench.

If we assume that OP is already at maximum genetic potential, then I would be inclined to agree with you. But if he isn’t, then his upper pecs are likely not as big as they can get. As you said, we cannot change things like insertions, length, muscle bellies etc. But the muscle itself can be grown until it has reached it’s potential, and targetting exercises such as incline bench help do that.

Agree. A muscle’s final shape will be whatever an individual’s genetics allow them to be.

You will need to pick better parents.


You notice how completely jacked the rest of him is too?

Focus on everything.


As above basically i.e. he’s just generally a jacked dude with a lifetime of training behind him (as an elite olympic lifter he’d have trained several hours per day from any early age), plus elite genetics, plus a sh*tload of gear.