Training Timeline?

(background: 6ft 240 lbs, roughly 20% body fat, decent physical shape, ex. 12 min 48 sec. 2 mile run, 260 lb max bench, 400 lb max squat)

I am 22 yrs old and i was wondering a general timeline to lose around 10% body fat. my goal is to lose this around summer which gives me about 5-6 months. I am active duty army so I have more than enough time to train. I was wondering if this was possible, and if anyone had any tips for me to reach my goal. I want to be lean more than bulky but have a good muscle build as well. if anyone has any success stories in this time frame that would be motivating as well.

If you are 240 at 20%, that means you have about 192 lbs of lean mass, and 48lbs of fat. So you are looking to lose about 24lbs of fat. I’d say a good timeline for this would be about 16 weeks, maybe a bit quicker. But in the process you might lose some muscle, so you may be looking at ending up around 200lbs total instead of 216.

I’d probably start with a goal of 15%. And then re-evaluate when you reach that goal. That would mean you need to lose about 12lbs of fat while maintaining most of your muscle. This is certainly doable in 8-12 weeks.

As for what you need to do? Well it depends on what you have been doing. You’ll definately need to reduce calories. And your goal should be to maintain as much muscle as possible while maximizing fat loss.

Probably 3-full body sessions per week, or 2 upper, 2 lower. The volume should be reduced quite a bit, and intensity be maintained for the most part. The goal is to maintain strength, and keep just enough volume with those weights to maintain muscle.

I’d probably go with 3 cardio sessions per week. Either all steady state, or 2 steady state 1 HIIT. Keep them short and intense either way, 15-20 minutes.