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Training Time

So the new semester of law school has started and i’m trying to schedual my work out. I have been thinking first thing in the morning. I was wondering if anyone had any facts about best time to work out. I have heard that in the morning your test is higher so you can get more out of it. Any ideas?


Any time is a good time to lift. First thing in the morning may not be optimal (according to what Poliquin said in his last Q&A), but you can get used to it. Just don’t skimp on your warm-up and you should be ok.

When I was in grad school I used to work out first thing in the morning… and my lifts sucked. Eventually I met an Oly club that met at 5 in the afternoon 3x/week and life was much better.

Study this study that in the end they all mean butkiss as far as timing of a w/o. The best time is individual it the best time for you your schedule and more importantly when you get and give the best effort.


I agree with Phil, everybody ahs their own preferences and a time they adapt to working out, some people mutliple times a day. I find my best workouts are 5-6PM, but thats only me. Keep in mind that it does take a few hours for your CNS to fully wake up following a night’s sleep, if I sleep poorly the night before or feel drained from school I usually take a two hour nap, wake up, eat, give it some time, and then lift, it all depends. Get in your groove and go with it, and good luck with law school as well!