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Training Time


this is like first time posting in YEARS. i have been following this site since 1999 and it's been awhile. i have been working out religiously since then and i also went to a college during that time and got masters degree last year (both in elec. engineering) and about 2 years break in between. i also raced sport bike for 3 years after graduation now retired.

anyway, i'm very tempted to workout very early like 6 am now that i don't have school anymore. i ususally lift when the rush hour is over in the gym so like starting 7-8 pm. i'm on a body building track and also stregth track and i pretty much cycle routines. i particularly like Waterbury's methods, his training works well for me. anyway we can talk about my training on some other time, it'll take me forever to explain. i'm in good shape, 27 years old, 170-180 lbs, 8-12% body fat, etc. i played basketball, tennis, etc. all my life but i haven't done so for 2 years and jsut been concentrating weight training.

so, what is the benefit of training early like 6 am? i understand i should train 'heavy' in the morning and that's fine with me. i feel energetic in the morning also and most importatnly i want to recover throughout the day by eating, etc. i have a normal 8-hour/day job and i can come in late like 10 or 11 am so i'm really thinking about training early.

any tips or infos on your experience? i have other questions but i'll ask as we go along. thanks.


The most important factor is train at a time that you like, and is convenient.

The gains seen by training at different times IMO is negligible to a sound nutritional plan along with a proper exercise routine.


I prefer training in the A.M. because there will usually be distractions in the afternoon. OT, Kids, etc.

I've been getting up a 4 A.M. to train for a few years now.



I have been thinking about training early in the mornings. I am trying to train @ 5 a.m. though. So I guess, stating the obvious I second the curiosity for advice with the early AM workouts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The Army doesn't give me much of a choice, I train in the morning. Usually it is a run or bodyweight exercises. I lift after work.

I have never been a morning person. However, I feel that getting my body going in the morning wakes me up like no amount of coffee could, and I have more energy through the day.

I feel it is important to train at what time feels best for you. Since you work late, realistically you probally won't feel like hitting the weights when you get off. If you feel you can give it your best in the AM, by all means, go for it. It is an added bonus that the gym is pretty empty at that time.

No matter what time you are lifting, nutrition is important. Since you are working out in the morning, you probally eat breakfast after you lift. If you don't eat, you should consider drinking a MRP upon waking, or some BCAAs at the least.


yes yes, thanks. my other question was whether i should eat before i train. small amoutn? if so such as what? oatmeal and some eggs and protein with caffeine? i'll def. eat afterward just like any post workout. i def. like the idea of intaking nutrition, etc. throughout the day when i train early.

also, regarding GPP on my off days (which i love to do), i should do that in the morning also?

i hear that it makes no difference whether you train early or late, whichever works for one is good. hmm,

i work in govt/military/defense field and going to desert in summer for awhile so i want to somewhat discipline myself for morning routines, yea!

keep it coming, thanks.


If you're working out straight away, i think something light like a small protein shake and a banana. A big breakie would leave me feeling bloated and not 'read to rock'.

Leave the big feed until after your post workout shake.


I have to agree with Sxio- anything more than a banana or a small shake before training makes me feel queasy, but generally you need something in your stomach otherwise you crash halfway through.

I have done my training at 5am for several years now and really love it. The gym is EMPTY so there is no competition for racks or weights, there aren't any distractions, I feel energised for the rest of the day and I can cross it off my list of things to do.



I'm not n favor of the early AM w/o's. If for some reason, time, obligations, stress & or family constraints get in the way and this is your only time. So be it and train.

I would recommend reading Ian Kings Get Buffed series I-III. It discusses this topic breifly.

Best time for metabolic training late AM -. mid morning. Best time for neural training mid evening.

This is all subjective and will be inlfuenced on many factors. As age,sex, stress obligations, training history etc...

And yes... you can train yourself to get the results you want in early AM. So none of the asbove rules may apply.