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Training Time Each Week?


How many hours do you guys put in each week? And how is that training time split up?

For me ...

Muay Thai: 4-5 hours (4 sessions)

Strength/conditioning: 2-3 hours (2 sessions)

Stretching/mobility: 3 hours (6 sessions)

Total: 9-11 hours

Actually surprised me when I wrote it down, thought it'd be a bit less than that.


Take this with a grain of salt cause this is what I want to do with my life not just a hobby so obviously I’m investing more time than normal.

12-2… mma sparring
5-9… conditioning/catch/bjj/striking
9-10… weights and/or conditioning

Friday/Sunday- I just lift and do some conditioning.

So ~30 hrs a week

stretching/mobility…whenever, while i watch tv and stuff.


As you said Xen, fighting and training is a a hobby for me. 10 hours a week is about what I can do, with a full-time job, part-time study, a wife and other family responsibilities. It’s pretty much all I spend my free time doing - and I look forward to every session.

At your level, and with the amount of training you put in week-in-week-out, is it still ‘fun’?

Or do you not think about it in those terms? That is, you just get it done because it’s necessary to get where you want to be.


Here’s me, but this changes week to week, but last week-


With my instructor, about 6 hours, over three lessons.

By myself, about 2 hours over the week. I usually practice my hyung (patterns) every day, this takes maybe 10-15 mins. Longer if I get something wrong and repeat them.
Also I throw random punches and kicks throught the day. Does that count as practice?

Strength- 2-3 hours a week over two days.

Conditioning- Not enough, usually skipping and some bag work for speed at the end of my strength sessions… I know… I know…

Stretching/Mobility- Also not enough, prob. 1-2 hours over the week, partly as part of my lessons, also at the end of strength work…

Time spent thinking/talking about martial arts- 10-12 hours a week.
Time spent in combat sports section of T-Nation- 15-20 hours a week. (mind you, most of that is while I am work…not being slack, I’m a projectionist and there tends to be alot of free time…perhaps I should spend more of that time practicing, shadow boxing and stuff…)

So total, about 10-12 hours, if you don’t include thinking/talking and T-Nation time :wink:

Thanks for starting this thread, it’s made me want to practice more. I know I need it.

Will let you know how it’s going, hopefully next time I post I’ll be up around 20ish hours…

Oh and xen- you machine you! I’m guessing- no day job? So, you want to be a pro fighter, I’m guessin, not just a trainer or instructor or what-ever.
I know that irish an kmc really seem to like you, and i’m getting to like those guys… know a little bit about them, but nothin about you…
How old are you man? (if that aint a rude question)
What’s your MA background, like, first art, age started, that kinda stuff.
You been doin amateur fights?
Where do you train, is it a mma place, or do you do dif. arts at dif. places?
What striking art are you practicing?

Ok, enough with the questions, you can ignore my fan-boy questions if you wish. Just been pretty happy to have a few good guys to talk to on here about trainin and stuff, cause, you know, my fiance loves me and all but there’s only so much discussion about “fighting” that she can handle :wink:


I look forward to going to the gym every day, honestly it’s because I don’t do much else (purposely) so it’s my only real ‘outlet’ other than fucking around online. I purposely had to cut a lot of things out of my life because it’s easy to be distracted, especially in southern cali. I still have the odd person or whoever calling me to go out, or the buddy who wants to go drinking and out to the strip club (on a tuesday night, wtf).

I understand why guys like brock lesnar or whoever prefer to train in secluded environments like Minnesota rather than say, vegas, too many distractions.

BUT sometimes, I just don’t want to fucking go cause I’m tired, or didn’t sleep well the night before, or beat up, or hell i just want to cuddle up with a nice smelling girl rather than roll with a sweaty smelly dude… best advice I ever got about that is to just treat it like a job when you feel like that, just like you’re going to work.

And some of the days that I really felt like NOT going have been my best gym days, or the days i got the most attention, or made the biggest leaps in skill. When I don’t go, I feel guilty as fuck.

I don’t have the responsibilities most do… me and my chick are kinda “egh” right now (and she’s the only thing i really spent money/time on), no wife, no kids, very minimalistic lifestyle… Only really spend money on food.

TTK- I’ll PM you…

and trust me I understand. Outside of the guys at my gym I have no one to talk to about this kinda stuff which is why I hang out online basically.

irish is the man, I bounce a lot of ideas off of him.

KMC…damn what can I say… Between KMC & Jellyroll they’re basically my life coaches.


Yeah it’s not a bad place, here.
I also visit the blitzmag.com.au forum abit, but not an active participant.
Blitz is this brilliant martial arts mag here in aus, covering local ma’s. It’s not one of those fan-boy mma mags, it’s almost strictly tma’s. MMA and RBSD is getting more and more coverage, due to it’s rise in popularity, of course. But for the most part, 99% of pages are dedicated to practitioners, not fans.
And the focus is still firmly on street-fighting and self defence. The forum has been a good source of local knowledge, I’ll sign up for an account once I feel like I have anything intelligent to offer. For the moment it’s just read and learn. I did the same on this forum for a long time, but just had to start talking about some stuff, and like you say, there are some really good guys on here. Just felt like I had to suss it out first.

Haven’t run into jellyroll yet, heard his name mentioned a few times though…

I might have to start using TTK as a sig, haven’t really liked bein called tassie, so thanks for that!

-TTK :wink:


TTK - Don’t get me started on how much time I spend thinking about training + reading this site each week … probably as much as as I do training!


3-4 hours lifting

3-4 hours muay thai

2-3 hours no gi jiu jitsu

2-3 hours soccer/misc sports

Should be more now in the summer that I’m not working/studying but it ain’t.


2-3 hours lifting (coming from an ex world lvl powerlifter-wdfpf)
3 hours on muay thai classes (soon to be 6)
3-4 hours on sparring
~2 hours on shadowing and heavy bag work
~3 hours of conditioning
~2 hours stretching

bout to start about an hour a week of wrestling and 4 h of bjj again cuz jaw is healed

currently 16 bout to be 20+ yay for summer when I don’t have shit to do.


[quote]tassietaekwon wrote:

Haven’t run into jellyroll yet, heard his name mentioned a few times though…


He’s like a ghost. He lurks and posts when he feels like it…


crop circles are Jelly Roll’s way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lie down.


Most people have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Jelly Roll has 72… and they’re all poisonous.


If you ask Jelly Roll what time it is, he always says, “Two seconds 'til.” After you ask, “Two seconds 'til what?” he roundhouse kicks you in the face.


The opening scene of the movie “Saving Private Ryan” is loosely based on games of dodgeball Jelly Roll played in second grade.


6-7 hours training a day, spread over two sessions, 6 days a week. Thai style! :slight_smile:


Hmmm…outside of time for the wife(my full-time job…ha!)…college courses…and teaching(recently became assistant MT instructor):

4-5 hours of technique work/bag work/sparring(three evening sessions)

2 hours of heavy lifting(two early afternoon sessions a week)

3 hours of conditioning(three morning sessions)


my typical week looks like that:

  • 3-4 hours Muay Thai ( Padwork,Heavy Bag, parnter drills )
  • 2 hours of sparring or sometimes i will take the Boxing or MMA class
  • 3 hours of heavy lifting
  • 3 hours sprintwork, conditioning (in the morning)


Thanks Xen

here is how I did it back in the day

1 to 2 hours road work 6 days a week
1 hour wrestling/conditioning 5 days a week

3 hours wrestling practice 6 days
1 hour 3x a week strenght training
1 to 2 hours night time conditioning/other bs cardio/weight cutting

so its something line 35 hours- I did not always do the 3rd pm work out-
usually for cutting weight, but that was 2x a week


asside from work, wife etc

1/2 hour mobility foam roll 5 times a week…sometimes more
4 to 5 hours strength training
2 1/2 hour conditioning sessions
3 to 4 1/2 hour energy systems work either HIIT or swimming

Roll Bjj or Judo
maybe 2x month on good month.
teaching the odd judo class- maybe 2x a month.

Little bit different from active/competing athlete to older athelete
Life gets in the way- and thats good

Youll see I do allot of mobility/rehab-prehab cause I need it.
read that one again.

I still train with intensity- but this is maybe a 1/4 or 1/6 of what I did-


-5-7 hours boxing a week(jogging, pad work, heavy bag)
-5-6 hours of weight a week( 3 session)



Some real dedicated guys here.


Last year I was getting 8 hours Submission grappling a week

Right now Normally evey week

2 Hours submission grappling
1 Hour Muay Thai
2 hours MMA
3-4 Hours strength and Conditioning work

Then one week every month

2 Hours Muay Thai
6 Hours submission grappling
4 Hours MMA
3-4 Hours strength and Conditioning work Deload


At the moment I’m a little bit embarassed by how little I am training, but I will post this up to motivate myself:

4 hours kung fu (technique, conditioning etc. (no sparring though :frowning: ))
2 hours in the gym

I’m a Uni student, training again after a long hiatus, so I need to take it easy for this week. Next week I’ll be able to train harder.


now that i’m staying at a gym in california (and not at home where we have 3 classes a week) i am doing

8 hours nogi jits

6 hours muay thai

4 hours mma

2 hours wrestling

and about 4/5 hours conditioning

having the time of my life!


you should add some judo or jiu-jitsu and grappling(basically wrestling) and you really should have extra cardio