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Training Through Tissue Damage


Hello all,

     During lacrosse season (college), my body takes a beating from body checks, particularly my side delts and triceps. For a day or two after games, my shoulders are bruised up, slightly inflamed, and tender to the touch. This is not damage from overuse or muscle fatigue, simply contact. 

   I was hoping to gain some insight into whether or not it is OK to train these muscle groups directly during this time. I had a game yesterday and my right delt is bruised to the point where it hurts to lift it laterally, but i trained chest and shoulders this afternoon and suffered no decrease in performance in any way. I am curious if there are any reasons why I shouldn't train after game day.


If you didn't see any decrease in performance and weren't in any pain, i wouldn't see why not?


My pelvis hurts like crazy from pinning my woman down every night during sex, do you think I should squat tomorrow?


You're doing it wrong.


Haha i know how u feel. Id keep training it... if it starts to swell more after training then stop for a week and resume training. This is typical physical therapy advice.


I had a sneaking suspicion of this, it should be 4 sets of 6 thrusts right? And I shouldn't worry too much about the peak contraction...


I would also cut the volume down to maybe every other day. You don't want to overtrain now, do you?


^^^ Well actually I prefer to go hard for a few weeks and then have a de-load