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Training Through Soreness

I’m interested in starting a discussion about when training through soreness becomes overtraining.

In general, how much pain are you in throughout the week?

My shoulders pretty much always hurt and I think it’s probably due to overtraining them, mostly from lots of pressing. Here’s my evolved program. Think I have too much shoulders?

Monday- BB back squats,Romanian DL’s,seated calf raises, incline BB press and reverse bent over flys

wednesday - flat bench, bent over row, BB curl or incline DB curl, donkey calf raises, machine flys

Saturday- dips,wide grip pull ups, decline BB press, DB military press,standing calf raises, neutral grip assisted pull ups

For some folks they can handle that routine, for others too much shoulders. For me, i have had shoulder issues so too much pressing. Try reading Eric Cressey’s articles and give the shoulders a break for a few weeks and see how they feel. They may even grow from the recovery. I can also say that sore shoulders doesn’t necessarily mean that you are overtraining - they might be injured or heading down that path. Your total workout frequency for other body parts might be just fine.

Looking at what you are doing, you do have a routine that puts stress on the shoulders. Maybe switch the back squats to front squats for a bit. You also have incline pressing, flat bench, dips, and military pressing which put a lot of stress there too. Wide grip pullups can as well - maybe bring in the grip a bit and perform palms facing each other pullups for a while. I would also slot a different curl option than incline db curls because the position can place some stress on the shoulders. Hope some of these help.

Mate for the love of christ, don’t train through suspicious shoulder pain! Just don’t. I’ve fucked my shoulders badly like that before, big setback, take my words man, prehab always with cressey/robertson suggestions and ‘you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone’ type thoughts. Good luck