Training through medial epicondylitis

Curious about other experience training through medial epicondylitis or golfers/pitchers elbow. It has been a few months of trying to limp through and wonder if I’m causing more harm than good? Don’t want to take months off if I don’t have to. Oddly enough it’s not lifting where I seem to be re injuring it, it’s odd things like throwing a pillow behind me to comfortable or turning steering wheel. Any insights from other appreciated. For background I have many years of general training and athletics under my belt. Thanks for any insight.

Mate, it can get better.
It damn near crippled me for a long time. Eventually it improved and is no longer an issue.
I used a rubber twist therapy thing called Therabar. It may have helped.
I also researched and took tons of joint supplements (i have no recommendations but i made sure to have tons of collagen among other things).

I laid off pullups. Instead i did exclusively front squats and overhead press for 3 months.

Thanks for the input. Seems we both stumbled to similar ends. Back squats absolutely killed my elbow, the compressing of it. Front squats are fine for me with straps. Rows and pulls ups no good and loaded carry with trap bar was no good either. Pressing is least bothersome. So looks like front squats and presses for me too! Glad to hear you are over yours, have a great day

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Forearm mobility work; some attachments cross both the wrist and the elbow and mobilizing these can limit stress to the point your irritation and pain lessen enough to train through the discomfort. Then, BPC157 my friend…

Interesting, thanks for sending me down another rabbit hole. Just when I was convinced I had read all of pubmed. Kidding of course appreciate the info. Like many things online I see allot of products that I would be concerned of their trustworthiness, do you have a brand or vendor that you have had results with and trust? Thanks.

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There are a few reputable ones. Its bad form to discuss vendors on forums much of the time. Messing around with leading searches on this and other anabolics forums (reddit is more open) should give you some solid direction.

I had 4 sessions with a UK trained chiropractor over two weeks who went off script and did savage tissue manipulation as a personal favour. I had to persuade him that I had a high pain tolerance and wanted quick results rather than comfort. Worked brilliantly in comparison with my efforts to resolve the problem on my own.

Thank you thank you,have made tremendous strides appreciate the info. Seems some things are worth they hype PhilaSCS :slightly_smiling_face:

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