training through injuries

I’ve pulled a muscle in my groin area, which doesn’t really bother me except when I try to do anything beyond a walk. My question is this: should I continue to train, using exercises that I am capable of doing with minimal discomfort, or take the time off till I recover? I will still train upper body, but I’t impossible to squat without pain.

Groin injuries are one of the few injuries I don’t train through. Take a week off, let it rest, do some stretching. I pulled a groin muscle pretty badly one week before a meet in July and I took the week off, stretched it, took 600-800 grams of Ibuprofen per day, and had a massage therapist friend do some work on it. I suggest resting it for at least a few days and maybe incorporating some light sled dragging or high rep work later in the week if your groin can take it. Be careful.


Training regularly is all about training around injuries!

I am nursing a slightly strained shoulder tendon as I type this. I try to use the injury to refocus on other areas of my body, instead of having it stop me dead in my tracks.

If you can’t push, pull! If you can’t pull, push! If you can do neither, squat! If you cannot squat as is your situation, focus on the upper body, for a while. Don’t let it get you down mentally.

As long as you are taining hard you will have an occasional injury. I have learned through the years to simple treat the injury and move on.


kinda curious as to how you injured it, as you claim to don’t do an pushing exercises at all for upper body…


Untrue! I stated that I do not do the following: Barbell Bench Press, Behind the Neck Press and Dips. As all are harmful, eventually, to the shoulder joint.

I hurt my shoulder (minor tear) doing multiple sets of Dumbbell Bench Pressing. It was actually on the 12th rep with 95’s.

I am giving it a full four weeks. I try to take no chances of reinjury. Thanks for asking

I’d rest it. Rest generally can’t hurt it. Plus think of it this way…a little time off now…or alot of time off later. :wink:

I had a groin pull last week. The orgasm was fantastic.

Rest, ice and compress. Keep training upper body.