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training- thermos

can anyone help with there knowledge,about thermgentics, what works and what is just bullshit.
I am trying to lose the spare tire, working out eating right, I need to do some xtra cardio and some advice about thermo’s.
looking to get lean

MD6 is the only way to go in my book as far as thermos go. Read the Roundup article at T-mag for a brief explanation. www.t-mag.com/articles/supp.html Stack with T2-Pro if you want. And in my experience you don’t need much cardio with the right diet and MD6, if any cardio.

I personally like xenadrine and the drug clenbuterol i am gonna try that next…i heard alot of good things about that md6 so u may wanna give it a try…do some research on clenbuterol and see what you think…good luck

You can pay more money and get the brand name thermos from health food stores etc but realistically you can find many excellent thermos at any gas station or truck stop for about 1/5 the price. Just look for anything that contains Guarana, Ephedra, Mahuang, or ephedrine and figure out how to read the extracts etc… I’ve personally found these types of thermos to be a lot more potent than many of the top name brand fat burners with the exception of Md6 and Stacker 2

I’ve used clenbuteral. It sucks. 1) I felt horrid, not good like I do with MD6 and other EC type products. 2) Clen only works for about 2 weeks. 3) Clen doesn’t help at all with appetite supression, carb cravings etc. 4) It’s an illegal drug for Americans and docs won’t prescribe it. 5) It made me shake like a leaf even at low dosage. It was hard to type.

I think people assume clen is good because it’s “naughty” or illegal or at least hard to get for the non-steroid user. But as Bill Roberts has said on this forum, legality doesn’t have to be correlated with effectiveness.