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Training the Same Muscles Every Day

I guess asking you how you manage to work the same muscles everyday of the week and not over train , burnout and self destruct and build bigger muscles is like a kid asking an astronaut how he became an Astronaut. I understand what it’s like to train the same muscle every day as I used to run everyday but I never got stronger or more muscle , I just built better endurance . Please tell me how it’s possible to work the same muscle every day and build bigger muscles at the same time.

Start a log based on a Nautilus workout. I’ll definitely input frequently also


You can search general terms if there’s something in particular you’re looking for. Scott, I believe there’s plenty of support for you, should you decide to continue your log.
Maybe you could try to recreate the Colorado Experiment! You have a lot of Nautilus Machines and a good camera, so you could probably put together something that’s at least entertaining to read and follow along with

Totally agree. Bigger place, lots of noise. Plus a lot of these training logs are either years old or are 2nd logs wherein the OP has settled into routine and is posting their numbers and lifts for tracking progression. It’s tough. I found that the people who popped into my log, which happens when your log is actively updated, are the people who contribute a lot and have interesting logs themselves.

But I understand your frustration. And I’m genuinely sorry if it seems like people (myself included) rag on HIT and it’s offshoots disproportionately. I can promise you people poke fun at powerlifting, bro splits, and pretty much everything else. I can tell you that I have used high intensity low volume training and firmly believe that it works.


Don’t worry about people ragging on HIT, I rag on it myself quite often ! I do a form of HIT but I know big muscles can be built doing nothing but chins and dips and some kind of squat. For me Nautilus is a cool, safe and convienant tool and it’s become a huge part of my life but I’m as big of critic as anyone and even more as I expected big stuff from Jones and Nautilus . When it comes to some of the stupid stuff that came from Jones I’ll complain with the best but I admire him all the same .

Don’t mean to butt in here, but I’m pretty sure no one does that (no one with any results or credibility anyway)


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Doesn’t sound like a spoof to me :wink:


Unless I looked at the wrong log, T3hPwnisher just started into a program called Building the Monolith. This is a named variation of Wendler’s 5-3-1 barbell training, and it typically calls for 3 days of lifting per week. So if he is following that, he isn’t lifting but 3 times a week.

If you just follow T3hPwnisher’s daily posts, it is unlikely that you will grasp what is going on. If you want to understand the overall program structure of Building the Monolith, look on Jim Wendler’s site.

There are a whole slew of barbell training programs in existence, many having crazy names. Wendler’s programs, in particular, have a core lifting scheme and then different accessory exercise schemes that you can apply.

They typically prescribe various set and rep schemes at different percentages of your estimated 1 RM, and prescribe the way in which the loads are to be varied over the course of the week, and progressed over the duration of the program template. The idea is to build some variation in the training load over the course of the week, and then progress the loads until a stall occurs. They are built around big compound barbell movements (squat, deadlift, bench press, press) so they will look a bit like power lifting programs. But they are really considered general strength training, despite this focus. Think of them as exercise program recipes.

This kind of training mostly attracts younger guys who have the ability to put on a lot of muscle and move a lot of weight. Older guys sometimes do it. But over time, lots of people drop this style of training because their aging joints can’t take it any more. I suspect you will not be interested in training in this way, given your age and training history.

One of my life’s lessons learned: There is no need to augment reality. The real thing is so much stranger than anything we can imagine.

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I still say start it. Title it Nautilus Log, so its easy to find. I’ll post on my 3 or so workout days a week. I’m dabbling with super slow now, which i’ve never really done before, so i have no idea what to expect. 2 workouts so far, since i got my last 2 nautilus pieces and it’s definitely different! Have to get a metronome tho, counting is tough

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I agree, with the exceptions of Airplane, Space Balls, Spy Hard, and Hot Shots.

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There was a lot of good comedy produced in that era. Mel Brooks was brilliant.

Blazing Saddles the best by far!


Scott, before I continue, would you say this individual has big muscles?

@average_al I am indeed using Building the Monolith as my weight training and conditioning baseline, but I’m also engaging in daily full body resistance training on top of that. My daily work consists of the following

50 chins
50 dips
50 band pull aparts
40 bodyweight reverse hypers
30 glute ham raises
25 band pushdowns
20 standing ab wheels
10 neck bridges each direction (forward, backward, left and right)

I also engage in daily conditioning, with lots of it being on the heavier/higher intensity side (stuff like crossfit’s Grace or Fran WOD, KB swings and snatches, etc).

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Including, to a point, Wendler himself. I believe he often just mostly weighted vest and prowler work now, but I may be mistaken.

Seems to be the majority of his work. He’s had several motorocycle wrecks resulting in surgeries, so that’s also playing a factor there.

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Yes he has Fairly big muscles

Unless I’m completely misreading at least 2 fellows on here they train the same muscles every day. Not always to failure but often very hard. I find it hard to believe but what the heck do I know?

He may be just starting this monolith program but before this I think he said he worked out every day . wannabe supposedly does this to
I just get more lost everyday here

Outstanding: we are in agreement here.

Now, given that he’s a gymast, do you accept that he trains in a daily, it not nearly daily manner? And as an olympian, most likely he actually trains daily multiple times a day?

If I am supposed to be 1 of those 2 fellows, you are, in fact, completely misreading. My daily training is in no way very hard. That would entirely defeat the purpose. It is nowhere close to failure, and in fact quite easy.