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Training the same body part everyday?

Does anyone out there train the same bodypart everyday? I have recently adjusted my routine so that I am doing just that. Before you all write to tell me that I am overtraining, 3 of my full body workouts are performed alternating between heavy, medium and speed days and changing exercises. I might hypothetically train back squats Monday, Split squats, Wednesday and deadlifts on Friday. However, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I perform more light work (say, front squats, hack squats and overhead squats) for 2-3 sets at very slow tempos going nowhere near failure. These workouts are more for the purpose of active recovery and “greasing the groove” than anything else. eventually my work capacity may rise to the level where I am able to handle heavier weights and actually squat 4-6 times per week (like real OL’ers do) but that is a long way off. Anyone else do anything like this? I know some people here have tried the Bulgarian Burst system (or whatever it is called) which I understand is a bodybuilding application of the sort of training that the Bulgarian OL’ers used to do – seems a little far-fetched as far as bodybuilding goes, but it seems to work for strength and work capacity…

You know, I’ve found that cycled with rest, I really respond well to training a bodypart almost every day (or close to). Even if taken to failure. When I split arms, chest, and shoulders into three days, my triceps were being trained three times a week. And they really blew up and hardened. Then, once I split dumbell squats, shoulders, and deadlifts up my shoulders really blossomed. And really, deadlifts are like super heavy negatives for the shoulders. I only did those routines for three weeks at a time each, but by the end of the three weeks, those bodyparts were way nicer than they “should” have been. I’m currently trying to design a program with that knowledge in mind. I wish you the best luck, and hey, if nothing else, you can recover from a bit of overtraining.

That works fine as long as you keep the intensity moderate, like around 70-80%.