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Training the Rear Delts

Currently I’m doing Behind the Neck Presses, Bent over rows, cable rope rows to throat, all once a week. Not to mention my cleans, snatches as well.

Would this be sufficient to make my rear delts grow??

I’m not a big fan of all the dumbell laterals and fly work. I prefer the big weight barbell movements.

Thanks in advance

well if you wanna isolate the rear delts then youre pretty much gonna hafta do some laterals. seated bent over laterals to be exact. its like somebody saying they want tree trunk legs and then saying “i’m not a big fan of squats or deadlifts, so i dont wanna do those”

I’m not saying isolate the rear delts, I’m asking if Behind the neck presses, bb rows, and cable rows are enough to make them grow…more specifically have people had success with just these exercises? that was the question

I don’t see the correlation with your leg analogy…sorry.

Greekdawg, - take a look at CTs Big Back Stack in this weeks issue. That should give you a good idea.

Greek: As you have some pulling in the horizontal plane, I’d say make sure you have some chinups, and you’re set.

Despite the recent emphasis on horizontal pulling (which I think is good) for rear-delt development, I still feel all the permutations of chins have done the most for my rear-delts, which I’ve never trained directly.

So basically, with all the stuff you’ve got going on (including the olympics), I think you’re fine.

God forbid the day I actually spend time training 1/3 of a muscle directly. If I do; kill me.

Well I think I’m with chrismcl here. Greekdawg- are your rear lats lagging? If so then the direct work he mentioned should work well I think. If not, then a regular compound movement routine like you’re suggesting will probably give SOME stimulus, and be sufficient for most trainees.

BTW have you tried 1-armed variations of some of the lifts you are suggesting? I find that the extra element of stabilisation required brings more of the delts into play. Hope this helps. SRS

Rowing and other shoulder retraction movements are only one part of the equation. Raises are the second part. Your rear delts move in these two planes and in order to fully stimulate them, you need to do these two distinct movements. Yes, some people do very little isolation work for their rear delts and yet they grow quite nicely, but many other people have to isolate. I fall into the latter gorup and have to really work on them.

Let’s assume you’re not gifted in the rear delt department and thus the reason for your intial question, so ignore the training “a third of a muscle” nonsense. There is a ton of info on this site about this often stubborn muscle.

Thanks for the suggestions guys…

I’m going to stick with the compunds for the next 8-10 weeks…If I’m not satisfied, I’ll throw in some raises.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

Here’s a really good rear delt exercise that isn’t that popular. I call it the “Pull To Nose.” Stand directly under a pulldown bar. You may have to stand with your legs far apart or kneel, depending on how tall you are. Grab the pulldown bar with the widest grip possible. Look up - now pull the bar down until it hits your nose. The tick is to concentrate on using your rear delts and not your lats to pull the bar. Trying to push your hands further away from your body can help. It may take you a while to get used to the movement. Once you do, you’ll be able to use many times the weight you would for a rear lateral.