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Training the Grip


Sometimes if you create a little obstacle in your life/training, you can overcome it and go very far!!! and no, women can't make me stop training and getting stronger.


I don't even...


Dog, I am now cool with the fact that you are one crazy motherfucker.

god Speed.

Oh and good job with skeet-skeet-skeeting with your avatar.


thanks! for the real action :

stare into my eyes because I need your eyes to orgasm. Unless you terminate it by not playing the whole thing . Then my balls would really hate u!


This :slightly_smiling:


Seriously sick!!

Seek help before its too late.


That was nasty, i will not be able to get that out of my head.


Yang is a true visionary


He's also the douche who posted about jerkin it to the thought of a 5 year old looking at him.


You're right.

If we could get a Vejay grafted to our hands it would eliminate all the problems of the world and launch an era of peace on earth, good will towards man.

This could add a whole new experience to masterbaiting.


touche, lol

at least he's joking about it and not actually doing it


except I don't think he was joking when he made that hideous post that got deleted...in fact when asked about it, he was directing people to his facebook page to read his little fantasy idea. I hate this dude. And I don't hate alot of people on this site.


Wait OP is the guy in the video?

Then he needs help, fast, very fast.


They say a true genius is not appreciated in his own time


He's a fine arts major. Are you really expecting him to be "normal"?

He's out to troll people, not garner respect from them. Stop taking his videos and posts seriously as there's no need to.

He sure can lift (and jump), though:


I've never said anything ever about his art involving adults (even though from what he's posted its not all my "thing")...but its sick, unoriginal fucks who hide behind their "art" to exploit gross ideas involving little kids.

I love art, and appreciate all types of genius but jerking off to a five year old watching you does not constitute as art. Sorry.


Frank when did you train in Rockville? I've been going to that gym for almost 3 years.


I'm not going to defend his apparent affinity for pedophilia-laced art. But it should be noted that his main goal with his art, as he told me once, is to "cause a shift in one's normal mode of consciousness", which seems to me to be a convoluted way of saying he aims to get people to think differently about things. I vaguely remember his comment about the 5 y/o and I may be off the mark here since I don't remember exactly what that was all about, but I suspect that whole thing had more to do with challenging people's perception of what "art" is.

The fact that you found it (justifiably) disgusting may have been the point. Maybe his aim was to force people to reevaluate where the border demarcating "art" and shock for shock's sake is. Again, I don't want to defend him (but maybe I am, unwittingly) but perhaps the fact that you find that particular creation to be disgusting and nowhere near "art" IS what his aim was. Sometimes with these fine art/conceptual art motherfuckers, the REACTION to the piece is the real art and the piece itself is actually just a medium.


Actually, I've noticed that there seems to be a growing trend amongst fine arts majors to use something to illicit a particular reaction from the viewer/audience, and that the reaction is the art, not what provokes the reaction.

I had a roommate a couple years ago (who was the target of my psychological warfare mentioned in the Funny Pranks and Pranks and Scares Threads over in GAL) who was earning a Bachelor's in Fine Arts at Chico State, which is also the most worthless degree ever.

The culmination of my PSYOPS program against him had to do with his final art project that he had to show at the end of his last semester in order to finish his degree. It was the most bullshit art project I've ever seen, and I think in many ways using the reaction to something as the actual art itself is a cheapening of what "art" really is.

He had this '71 Honda 750 motorcycle that he was rebuilding the engine for. He videotaped the entire process, minus a few insignificant steps, and then edited the whole video down to about 25 or 26 hours of video. The whole video consisted of the motor and his hands awkwardly fumbling with the fucking carburator and heads and all that. Then, for the viewing, he filled one of the alcoves in the hallway of the art department building with these old theater chairs he had cleaned up, dressed up like a fucking ringmaster from a circus, complete with black top hat, bow tie and red jacket with tails in the fucking back and a goddamned cummerbund. The fact that he's about 5'3" and 120 lbs really added to the whole absurdity of the look.

People would come into the alcove and sit down in the theater chairs and watch this stupid fucking video of his engine being rebuilt, with the finished motorcycle in the back corner of the room, and the agreement was that everyone who viewed this abortion of a movie had to go out and tell a lie about what they had seen and that THAT was the art.

I knew where he was going with all of this so I asked enough questions to slowly and surreptitiously lead him into saying that he was providing the audience with the tools to make art and that THAT was his project. Then I let this big, toothy smile creep across my face and asked him why WE didn't get the degree instead of him, since all he was doing was akin to making brushes and canvasses and paints and oils and all that stuff. After all, I asked him, the people who attach horsehairs to the end of a fucking paintbrush aren't artists at all and no one has ever considered them as such before, so if he was merely providing us with the tools to make the art, shouldn't it be US who get the Fine Arts degree and not him?

He was fucking flabbergasted and completely lost his composure in front of most of his graduating class, who were all sitting there eating up this whole morbid exchange. The best part was when I brought up the fact that I had actually been one of his projects earlier that year when I showed up to his class once dressed in an Italian 150 thread-count, worsted wool, 3-piece suit and dark sunglasses and proceeded to rant and rave about politics for 15 minutes straight in front of his whole class as a sort of performance art-type of thing. He just brought me with him and called ME his "art". The whole class was stunned because I was pounding my fist into the podium and screaming and yelling and waving my arms about and berating everyone who asked me any questions.

Definitely one of my finer moments. I still live near the Chico State campus and see some of the people from his class around town, and they always give me a wide berth when they see me coming, which is as it should be concerning myself and anyone stupid enough to accept that little fagot's drivel as "art".


Coop your story about being that guys art project reminds me of how I like/liked to prepare for presentations/performances I'd visualize what I'd do if people laughed or made snotty comments, or whatever. I always visualized just loosing it and ranting and raving cursing out the audience and then maybe throwing chairs at them and then eventually just leaping into the audience throwing punches. It must have been fun to actually loose it. lol