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Training the Diaphragm/Balloons


I like to do strongman type of training and lift things like full beerkegs and whatnot. Lately, I've been looking to work my diaphragm out, and have been looking for a heavy-duty or thicker type of balloon that wouldn't be enormously large. Would anybody have an idea of where to find a dealer for such a balloon? thanks



I remember Pumping Iron had Franco blowing up a hot-water bottle, but I think that's out of reach right now, lol.


Use a large beach ball and a 1/8" diameter piece of plastic gasline tube in the valve.
The small diameter will increase the resistance. Blow until you think you're going to pass out. It strengthens the Transverse Abdominals concentrically. Bracing, as done in a farmers walk or DL strengthens then isometrically.