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Training Template Questions

What would be a good training template to pair with Berardi’s get shredded diet? Possibly the one Christian mentioned in his “Refined Physique Transformation” article since both diets are quite similar? Thanks.

I don’t know the diet so its kinda hard for me to make specific recommendations.

Caloric intake- bodyweight x 10
Protein- 1% bodyweight x 75
Fat- 1% bodyweight x 66 (2/3)
Carbs- 1% bodyweight x 25

All carbs come from vegetables, spinach, romaine lettuce, green beans, brussel sprouts, etc. Fats mainly include fatter cuts of meat, olive oil, flax oil, and Flameout. All Calories are broken up into four meals to be spaced out during the day. 5g BCAA’s and 2.5g creatine are taken 4x per day with two being intra and post workout. Current bodyfat % is to be taken in grams of omega-3’s per day.