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Training Techniques


I see heaps of example training routines on here. Does everyone use the same training techniques all the time or do they swap around for other routines?




umm I try and stay fairly consistent. if i find something that works, i try and stick with it for as long as possible. when it stops working, ill try something else but I inevitably return to the same things.

I train in 6-10 rep range generally but sometimes I get sucked into the stuff thibs has been working on. then i get confused...neural what? high performance...huh?...back to 6-10 reps...

if i feel like things are getting stale, ill do something different. like I generally do DB shrugs but this week i have access to a trap bar, so im going to do farmers walks.


with the amount of injuries i have, i am unable to stick to a program (recovery times etc) so i just listen to my body and do what i can, when it feels right.

keep some basic concepts that are common to almost all training programmes, and you'll make progress (hopefully)


Hi noob.
Stick to a program for as long as it works for you. If you start to plateau or start getting niggling pains and strains, you know its time to change things up for a bit.
For a noob, I assume your concentrating on the bigger lifts. If I was for you I would concentrate on a main lift for a 6 week period. For example for the first 6 weeks you will concentrate on making gains on your deadlift, making your deadlift day your epic day of the week. And then after those 6 weeks, for the next 6 weeks you might concentrate in making gains on your bench, hence your bench day is your epic day of the week.
Glad to help. etc etc.

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thats stupid. if he's a newb he should be able to make progress on EVERY big lift from session to session


i would tend to agree with this. seeing as you are new, dont specialize in a single lift for 6 week periods. yes, concentrate on the big lifts but progress on all of them as often as possible.

i really dont think this is what you were asking about but since it got brought up...