Training, supplement help

This may be a bit long, so bear with me…
My goal through fall and spring was to loose some body fat. Well, I did it. Hooray! So now I’ve switched focus and want to grow some muscle.
The workout I have begun looks like this: Day 1=(Chest and Tris), Day 2=(Shoulders and Legs), Day 3=(Back and bis), Day 4=(Rest,abs, cardio), and repeat. FYI I have done this before and recovery is quick for me. I also altered my sets and reps so that I am doing 3 sets of 6 reps, with my “time under tension” around 48-52 seconds. I also just started supplementing with creatine and upped my protein. Am I headed in the right direction with this? I just piece together what I can from magazine articles. Thanx all!

I would make a change in your training split. By training Shoulders one day and Chest the next, you’ll be, in effect, working shoulders twice in two days. I would work Shoulders on Day 1, move Back/Bi’s to Day 2, take Day 3 off (Cardio is ok), then do Chest on Day 4 and Legs on Day 5. Your supplements sound fine, but make sure that you buy a multi-blend protein that also contains some glutamine. If your protein doesn’t include glutamine, you might want to consider picking up a bottle.