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Training Suits


I'm 48yrs old and training again after a long time away. I've never taken powerlifting very seriously but have a physical test coming up where I have to combine my best single rep squat, deadlift and bench press. I haven't much time to prepare so could I benefit from a lifting suit or anything similar, especially for the squat and d/lift. Last year I had lower back surgery on a disc injury and would also benefit from any additional support.


What do you mean when you say that you have a "physical test" that combines the big three?

Gear will give you a gain, for sure. But it is expensive and there's a definite learning curve. It's not like you throw a suit/shirt on (if you can even get it on by yourself) and boost your numbers 50% overnight.

A belt will certainly help protect your lower back when squatting and DLing.


Thanks mate, I know its bad but I was just looking for a bit of an advantage. I'll stick to my belt


Hi, compo, is this your first visit to the old geezers' home? If so, welcome.

What are your current lifts? Are you actually training, or is this 'test' a one time thing? I agree with Snapper, you need to strengthen your body before advancing to suits.


Hi Cavalier

Thanks for the reply. I had been a weight trainer/Bodybuilder for many years but stopped training seriously about 5 yrs ago. I'm in good shape and am starting to train seriously again. Unfortunately I've lost much of my strength and size and now only weigh about 200Ib at 5'10". My max lifts are about 275Ib for each but I'm finding progress extremely slow (probably due to my age) and I have a test in about 3 or 4 weeks where I'll need a total of 850Ib. I know these weights are fairly low but I was hoping to give my total a bit of a boost.



I'm 54, and have found that rebuilding stength happens relatively quickly for me. Most people can rebuild more easily than the initial building. How's your eating? Are you sleeping well?


get the tightest, thickest knee and elbow sleeves you can find. there will be minimal learning curve and should give you enough help to get you to 850 right now.

some sports company used to advertise a tight compression shirt that might give you some help in the the bench. not much, but you dont need much.

if you really need a little more, buy a tight pair of spanx and wear them under you clothes. it probably gives more support than the first squat suits did.