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Training Suggestions

Hi guys,

I would like to throw a few questions into the pit and see what people have to suggest.
Here’s the layout: I train for a ‘sport’ of sorts that involves swinging rattan sticks at one another (roughly 7-20 pounds) while
wearing medieval style armour (roughly 50-60 pounds worth). The fighting involves cardio, strength and speed. Training my general Cardio
is pretty simple to do, although with low back problems and a healing torn ACL injury, I’m pretty much confined to the stair master
(which is fine, I suck at cardio anyways).
My question is in the area of Strength and Speed. I want to swing the sword faster than superman with enough power that the opponent
will feel it. I also need to muscle stamina to continually swing in the case the first or second doesn’t land. What are your suggestions
on routines for gaining this muscle and speed?

Now, I’ve worked out for a long time in combination with the actual participation in sports and one thing I’ve come to know is that
working out before an event is usally not a good thing, as it does effect your performance if the muscles have not had time to rest. In
the fighting I do, bruises are a regular occurance, furthering the healing time the body needs not only from the workouts, but from the
pratice of fighitng as well. What do you suggest for faster recovery time? How much time should one take off before pratice if one wants
an ‘optimal’ pratice to gage how everything is clicking. One of the problems I’ve had with the later is with taking off 4 days (for
example), the body starts to loose what I worked for. How do I maintain the ‘new’ level I reached but at the same time fight with the
new found power, so to speak.

Alrighty, that’s it for now. I’ll post some more questions if I get some answers to my first few. Thanks to everyone who responds!


Check out the stick sports for their training methods(baseball, Lacross, Hockey, etc…) Then check-out some of the martial arts website devoted to stick weapons and the sword. And if all else fails, do what the Roman Army did. Train with double weight equipment. Best of Luck.

When I want to increase speed and strength with rattan I use my bahee canes which weigh 2x as much. Practice on a tree.

BTW armor is for wusses, I do arnis sparing with no armor and it really sharpens reflexes. But you’d have to find a sparing partner that’s as phsyco as me and my friends.