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Training Suffering Because of Work

Hey all,

I was wondering if anybody had some tips, maybe from experience, on putting on muscle mass while working as a mover.

I’ve been finding it pretty tough to eat well(read: enough) during a long work day where having much food in my stomach makes me feel weighed down and a tad nauseous. Couple that with some sore joints and muscles and a general lack of energy, and my workouts suffer as well.

Any ideas on what would be good to snack on or drink while on the job to give me a good amount of nutrients without being too heavy? Are there any supplements that you’d recommend to prevent muscle loss and fat gain(which have been happening) like some BCAAs or something?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

First step: take a fish oil supplement. It might make your joints magically better. No joke.

Quick foods:
-protein shakes
-mixed nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc. unroasted)
-cottage or regular cheese

The goal is to find calorie/nutrient dense foods that get your needed calories without feeling heavy or bogged down. So, look around for clean calorie dense foods. What I listed are some options.

As far as supplements:
-fish oil
-protein powder

These are the basics. After that, a post work out supplement like Surge would be ideal. You can take an energy supplement (ala Spike or low carb energy drinks) if needed, but making sure your sleep cycle and diet are in order would be the first step before adding that.

I had the same problem, being a carpenter.
Small meals often.

Really small to start with, let yourself get used to it over time.

I keep a few 100g tins of tuna, which I mix into salads, maybe with some olive oil or such.

Sometimes it’s all I can handle.

There are a few things I would say- like tinkerbell says- small meals. Fix your meals for the whole day and put the in tupperware like John Berardi and take it all in a cooler (you should have plenty of space for a cooler right;) Just don’t eat too much to make yourself nauseous.

Also, liquid cals from protein shakes are good. Try Metabolic Drive Complete with water. Metabolic Drive Complete taste fine with water IMO but low carb tastes better with milk or cream. Also- protein bars are at your disposal as well. Good luck.

I worked as a painter over the last couple of summers. I know what you’re talking about.

Shakes are what it’s all about. Throw some whey in an old peanut container with 1/2 cup peanuts, 1/2 cup flax meal and some splenda. When you need to eat, throw some water in it and pound it back.

The dry ingredients keep (for a day, at least) so long as you don’t add water until you’re about to chug it. You can make all these shakes at the beginning of the week and store the rest of the week’s in the fridge. It’s healthy, gets you fiber, and doesn’t fill you up to the point where you can’t think or move.

ALso: Hearty breakfast involving eggs, cheese, and olive oil is recommended.
Hearty dinner required.
PWO shake highly recommended.

Good luck :slight_smile:

When I was doing construction, I always had some type of jerky in my tool belt or a pocket, before we would go on the road I would measure out X number of days of Whey into baggies so I would have quick meals, I usually carried 18 or so hard boiled eggs, and some summer sausage in a cooler for the hotel.

when i was a painter i made the mistake of eating too much at lunch in an effort to put on weight. instead i just got fat and sleepy and wasn’t very good in the afternoon.

don’t do what i did. these guys had some great tips that i wish i had had