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Training Styles: Good For One, Good For All?

Might be a stupid question, might not, but I be curious.

If a certain “style” of training is working well for one body part, say back, would it be sound reasoning to conclude it would be good for other parts, say maybe shoulders/Arms/legs?

Reason for asking is I’ve noticed some great progress recently with my back. More so than anywhere else. I really enjoy working back and find its one of the mentally easier body parts to really work hard (for me). It’s kinda a different rep range/intensity than I train anything else.

Could this be just a season of growth right now and my back is having its day in the sun?

I’m kinda thinking it might be one of those “just have to try and see” things but I am curious.

I have the opposite experience: everything needs it’s own approach.


Thanks for the reply man! Definitely respect and appreciate your knowledge on the subject! So, it seems I’ve found what works for one body part. Guess it’s just more time, trial and error and luck to find the magic stuff for the rest

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I’m with @T3hPwnisher on this one. Different body parts, different needs, no matter what the ultimate goal is.


Thanks guys. Makes sense, I was just curious! Thought I might have stumbled onto the key to total success :joy:

I third it…for what its worth.


Pretty sure there’s about 600+ pounds worth of collective lean body mass all agreeing. If that’s not a sure fire answer idk what is :joy:. Thanks again guys!


Same. It’s great that you’re figuring this out. It’s also important to be honest with yourself…i.e. knowing the difference between a workout feeling good and a workout being truly effective. And that usually takes a few cycles before you adapt your method or maybe throw it out entirely for something new.

Another thing to keep in mind is how what’s optimal for you will change over time. For example, early in my lifting career DB work in the 8-15 rep range was money for my chest/shoulder development. A decade later, I only see real growth from heavy BB work in the 3-6 rep range.


Oh man :man_facepalming: Let’s hope the little bit I have figured out is good for a while :joy:. Thanks for the reply! Lots of good info in here

I noticed early on that my legs needed little volume but I walk and cycle a fair bit. I assumed the 10,000 partial reps a day made up for the lack of volume, just needed some intensity. Whereas I don’t handstand walk to work so I need loads for my shoulders.


Easy fix here.