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Training Stopwatch

Hey does anyone remember the stopwatch they reviewed a loooong time ago?

Anyways, it could countdown(for between sets)…sound an alarm…was magnetic so you could stick it to things in the gym when you used it…?

They gave it good reviews but I couldn’t find it while searching…I wanted to get a little more strict in my rest between sets and thought I would pick it up.

Found the link:


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I purchased one of those EAI timers and have had great luck with it!

I just use my body’s internal clock. one one-thousand…two one-thousand…etc. Just like Kramer.

I use a Casio.

I got mine at a kitchen supply store. Like 5 buck. has a magnet and little flip stand. Will count up down, and has an alarm. Works great for me.

Just another option, hope that helps,

wow…way to go kevin_d_lee…i looked for awhile and couldn’t find it. thanks.

so you got the exact same one in the article zeb? that’s the one i think i will get since it got a pretty good review and also then if you like it.

thanks for the other tips too…i might check on that kitchen timer one…see how that would work.