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Training Split

Again I am curious to know what other people here are doing. How do you all have your training split set up, and are you trying to gear your workouts/schedule mainly towards strength or size (powerlifting or bodybuilding)?


Monday: Lower body
Tuesday: Upper body
Wednesday: kbell, sprints, medicine ball, fun stuff
Thursday: Lower body
Friday: Upper body
Weekends: Off (outdoor fun activities)

I’m training mainly for strength, the size shall follow.

STRONGMAN! Preparing for nationals

hey sully, what kind of stuff do you do to prepaire for the strongman? i can imagine you flipping tires over in your back yard and pushing/pulling your car around the neighborhood.

I had been doing:




Each workout I did 2 exercizes for the 1st muscle group, 1 for the 2nd. All exercizes are 5 sets for 5 reps. This is a strength building program. My foal was to maintain my lbm while cutting up.

Just started this after a rest week…

Monday-cardio,heavy compounds (squats, deads, etc) basically full body workout

I’m going strength and fat loss…I’m about as big as I need to be :wink:

vertical push/pull
quad dominant
horizontal push/pull
hip dominant

training for strength in a 6x2-4 fashion.

Tueaday…HIIT, Abs
Wed…Delts, Chin-ups
Sun…Back, calves, HIIT

I usually go for a leisurly 25-30 minute walk in the mornings before breakfast on “lifting” days to kick-start the ol’ metabolism. My workouts usually take me 45-60 minutes and I will follow it up with 5-15 minutes of moderate intensity cardio on the eliptical machine. I am doing sort of a “experimental” progressive rep scheme on a weekly basis.

Week #1…80 total reps
Week #2…100 total reps
Week #3…120 total reps
Week #4…80 total reps

I am doing a “strength” phase as of right now, so my reps are in the 3-5 range and after week #4 I will switch that to the 6-8 range. Anyways, thats what I am doing now. I like it and it seems to be getting decent results

Whole body stuff 3-5 times a week. Mainly basics like d.bell clean and press, deadlifts, The Bear and push press.