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Training Split

I’ve been training with a regular body split (chest/bis, back/tris, shoulders, legs) but now i’ve gotten bored with it. Im a firefighter so i work 24 on and 48 off… I really have nothing to do except for hobbies, woman and such so i was thinking bout doing the following split to maximize my gains and for fatloss since i have so much spare time to devote to my training…

monday- back am/chest pm
tuesday-quads and calves am/hams and glutes pm
wednesday- im at work so i’ll just do abs and mayb light cardio if im up to it
thursday-back am/chest pm
friday-quads and calves am/hams and glutes pm
saturday- same as wednesday
and so on and so on…

  • my plan is to alternate heavy and light (e.g. heavy back on monday and then light on thursday) and i’ll do the pm exercise opposite intensity as the am (e.g. pm/heavy and am/light). on light days i’ll do more secondary movements for high reps and heavy days compound for moderate to heavy. my off days being the days i do cardio at work since we get EXTREMELY bored at work with nothing to do

My goal is mainly fatloss (hence the double workouts twice a week per bodypart) and also muscle gain but isnt priority. My diet is 100% in check. im currently weighing in at 205lbs, 5’8 and 18%bf. ( my avatar is a pic 5 years ago)

My current supps are Metabolic Drive protein, Creatine, multi, fish oil, Curcumin, vit d, ZMA and NO Explode preWO

Im asking cause i’d like any input as i plan to start this program tomorrow and would like to know if theres any tweaks you guys would recommend or if this program is way to taxing on the body…

Thanks in advance fellas

bump… lol

If your goal is fat loss, incorporate some cardio into your program. This might fit into your Wednesday and Saturday schedule along with abs and should only be 20-25 minutes.

Regardless of the days you actually choose, only eat non-starchy carbs on those cardio days. This means to eat lots and lots of vegtables and fruit for your carbs instead of stuff like breads, rice, oatmeal and cereal, etc. (more vegetables than fruit though). You obviously want to keep protein and fat sources the same on such days.

This way, you force your body to use fat for energy instead of the starchy carbs (which raise your insulin levels faster). On those days you lift, throw the starchy carbs back into the day’s nutrition plan.