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Training Split with a Broken Foot?


So, I just broke my foot this past weekend. After talking with the foot specialist yesterday I found out i have 6-8 weeks on being in a boot that totally mobilizes my ankle. I have some super bands so I can do leg extensions, curls, lateral work, etc. Also I can do hip thrust type movements. I can still do most upper body movements, but some I need to modify from standing to seated (Press for example). My question is about my split.

Currently I am using a 4-day Upper / Lower split (up until the injury anyway). Now that all cardio is basically eliminated, and heavy squats and deads are out, what would be a good split to use? I assume my recover capacity will go way up without the heavy movements and cardio (was doing 1 day of intervals, and SS most mornings). I can get to the gym any weekday, and Saturday afternoon (schedule wise).

Does something like Upper Push - Upper Pull - Legs - Upper Push/Pull - Rest - Arms sound reasonable? Any superior suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Would rest days even be needed with my reduced intensity?

Also, any tips on maintaining some sort of conditioning? Maybe EDT style training once or twice a week? Complexes are tough with a bad wheel!


Maybe hill sprints, and box jumps?


I'll get right on that.... in 6-8 weeks.


I'm in the same boat. What I've done is up the intensity/volume, but cut back to 3 days a week. I'm using a modified version of a Poliquin program.

Conditioning wise, I've basically said screw it until after my surgery and am focusing on strength and mobility as hobbling around all the time is causing me big problems in my hips. One option I do like is battling ropes, but do them seated. Other options assuming you don't have access to an arm bike are: med ball throws against a wall or with a partner, med ball slams are fun too.

If you like combatives, try some bag work from a chair; ex. 20 seconds of jabs, 10 seconds rest, 20 seconds rt elbow, 10 sec rest, 20 sec left elbow, 10 sec rest; repeat. But honestly, all this stuff gets real old, fast for me.


I have basically said screw it on the conditioning as well. I would like to still train 4-5 times a week if possible. I'm going to do some experimenting this week to see what exactly I can and can't do. I think because the intensity of the movements (Standing Press vs. Seated DB Press) is decreased, I can up the frequency. Hopefully I can get away with it, only one way to find out I suppose.


No other suggestions for a gimp?


What you mentioned in your first post is probably a could idea, something like this:

Day 1: Horizontal Push
Day 2: Horizontal Pull
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: Vertical Push
Day 5: Arms, spot work (abs, additional shoulder work, etc)

The only thing I did there is change day 4 to be specifically vertical push rather than upper push / pull.


Why would you recommend more pushing than pulling? Just curious. Seems like I usually see the opposite recommended (by Eric Cressey anyway). My shoulders could definitely use some width, sounds good to me.


How to speed recovery? SQUATS AND MILK!