Training Split to Optimize Arm Growth for a Type 3?

Hey coach,

For the type 3’s you recommend a whole body split 3x/week for optimal results and fatigue management.

However, since type’s 3 don’t do well with neurological work, muscle damage and can’t do many exercises (6 or more) in a workout, what would your strategy be to bring up lagging body parts (e.g. arms) for that type? Since they can’t do a lot of heavy work, I’m guessing the arms won’t be stimulated that much to grow on compounds alone?

Let’s say you put in isolation exercises to maximize arm development, doesn’t that create problems with achieving enough weekly volume for each muscle group?

Side question: if a type 3 wants to put on size AND strength, doesn’t he/she have to do a certain amount of neurological work to achieve this? If yes, would you limit the neurological work only to the main lift of the workout (A series) and do hypertrophy work (time under tension stuff) for the remainder of the workout?

Thanks for your new videos on youtube by the way, they are absolutely brilliant!