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Training Split Suggestions?


I have trained for years with a traditional"each bodypart once a week" training split, using mostly compound movements and then jump to isolation moves, i would like to try and hit everything 2x a week now and would like suggestions on what type of splits will work for that, im available to train everyday for the most part, let me know what you recomend !


M: push
T: pull
W: legs
Th: push
F: pull
S: legs
Su: rest


M: chest/back
T: delts/arms
W: legs
Th: chest/back
F: delts/arms
S: legs
Su: rest

Depends on preference. Some guys feel awkward if they don't train back with chest, bis with tris, etc.


x2 on the push/pull/legs twice a week. I'm doing that now with 2 different workouts per type so I'm only doing the same workout once a week. Personally I don't really worry about the days of the week and usually do at most 3 days in a row with 1 off, so every Monday your not necessarily doing the same workout as the previous Monday.


A cool thing about push/pull/legs is you can actually incorporate 5/3/1 with it for 4 of the 6 days. I'm going to give that a run for the next 6 months.