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Training Split Question

I have a question. I have looked all over, but I would like direct info. Can someone tell me what they think would be the best split to get big and strong? I’ve been doing this split.

Thursday-Arms & Grip
Everyday-core work, and 5 min cardio.

they all work from full body to upper lower to push pull legs to what you have. Find what works for you what you get the most out of and most too.


Thanks a lot!

You might check out this article, given that it was written to answer your exact question :slight_smile:


If you don’t follow what is in the article you can do what you have, just watch overtraining of the arms. It can be rough to do triceps the day after shoulders although it may not be a big deal. For you it looks more likely that the biceps will get overtrained at the coracoid process (shoulder) because of lack of rest, so if you feel like your shoulders are getting sore and not recovering or if pressure on your front delt hurts then you should change it up.