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training split question

Hi guys, I need some help. Im just starting a strength phase and cant figure how to split my body this time around. Im also just commencing the final stage of Bring the Pain. for the remaining bodyparts. i want to do the 6 sets of 4 (starting with a weight for 2) in Poliquins Training with Maximal Weights article. So day 1 is quad dominant and calves; day two is chest and vertical pulling, day 3 is off and now comes the dilemma. i have a hip dominant day, shoulders and bis and tris over the last two days. either way, either my back (from deadlifts) or triceps might not be ready since i just did flat bench and chins. so on day 4 im thinking deadlifting (2 full days off after squatting and 3 days before squatting) and either shoulders or biceps. this leaves me with a day 5 of either shoulder or biceps and triceps. last question, with doing 6 sets of flat bench for 2-4 reps and the same for standing shoulder press, should i really be doing the same for triceps and the close grip bench press? thanks in advance