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Training Split Problems

Hey guys, i struggle for training time i normally get around 40-45 mins, I’m fine training a bro split but id sooner be doing a PPL or a upper lower just feels i dont have the time to get a full workout in always end up having to leave. Can train 6 days a week and aslong as i want on sundays (not saturdays). So wondering if anyone has same problem?

This doesn’t feel like a big problem. You can easily get enough work done in 6 x 45 minute sessions to achieve almost anything you could want in the weight room.

What does a typical session look like to you?

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Say a push session was:

Incline bench press 2 sets
Over head press 2 sets
Fly machine 2 sets
Side raise variation 2 sets
Dips 2 sets

Then typically run out of time

How much weight are you moving? What kind of rest times are you taking? Are you using any intensifying techniques?

Incline bench 100kg for around 8
Ohp 75kg on top set
Cant remember rest without my log book to hand
Often use muscle rounds, rest pause and drop sets

Then that sounds like it’s probably enough anyway, to be honest. Check out a thread on Bigger, stronger leaner subforum on what you guys think is the main driver for muscle growth. It addresses this well, and is a wealth of training info if you can get past the inevitable arguments and politics.

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Like it says on the tin…

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