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Training Split, Opinions?

I am thinking starting new workout routine. Routine will be :
mon. Chest and tris
tue. Back and bis
thu. Delts and tris again
fri. Legs
Abs and calves i will do twice per week.

Main reason for this routine will be development and strenght of triceps, and power for pressing movements.
Main exercises will be bench, military press, deadlift, squat and close grip bench press.
So tell me your opinion.

Probably okay but if your unsure check the link below first. One of the 4 day splits is probably similar to yours.

Minor change but I think its important. Make sure your leg day is one you can give 100%. If that’s Friday then fine, just make sure your not putting legs last because its your least favorite. I don’t always feel like working out fridays and I often see people put legs on friday which indicates its not as important. I would say put it earlier in the week but Thursday is also okay if you take Wednesday off. Again just a personal preference thing, may not even be an issue for you.