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Training Split: Let Me Know What You Think


Hi guys,

Please can you let me know what you think of my training split (don't worry about reps, no of sets etc - just the split)

Monday: Back and biceps
* Pull ups, bent over row, deadlift, seated row, straight bar curl, hammer curl

Tuesday: Chest and Tri's
* Incline bench, flat bench, incline flyers, cables, dips, french press

Wed: Legs
* Squat, Hack squat, leg press, leg curl, leg extension, calves

Thursday: SHoulders and shrugs
* Push and press, side lateral, rear lateral, cable lateral, hanley shrugs, straight bar shrugs

Friday: Abs, biceps and triceps (isolation)
* 21's, concentraition curls, rope hammer curls, seated dips, two arm tricep kickbacks, tricep ropes, abs

Any comments


Also - I have been training for 7 years, previously I trained each muscle twice a week. But as I needed to increase intensity to continue to gain results, I found once a week was better for me.

On Mon and Tues I do a very fast, heavy session of arms (Mon biceps, Tues triceps) - 75% of my workout on these two days is devoted to back and chest. That's why I add in a light (isolation) session of arms along with abs on Friday.

Any suggestions etc - regarding the split?


Lastly, my goal is purely to build muscle. I'm not sport or strength focused. It's all about aesthetics :). Current weight is around 200lbs and 15% BF.. I have recently started adding in one HIT cardio session per week and force myself to go for a 2 hour hike every weekend.


No one care to comment? Does this split look solid???



Are you fucking serious?



                                                                                                                                                                                                                       b   ????? Lol. did you even read my split. It is the same as the link you dropped here. Only difference is that i split arm training. but thanks for trying


Or perhaps his point was that you made this thread to begin with?

Here's the secret: Pretty much any split you do will work so long as you back it up in OTHER aspects.


Oh - okay, I see.. Sorry..

My main focus over the ast 2 years has been diet (forcing my self to stick to eating every 2-3 hours with each meal having a nice split of protein, fat and good carbs (veggies or fruit). And of course oatmeal in the morning and ample protein shakes.

My only worry with my split is that it may be overkill on the arms?

I do a very brief arm session on Monday and Tuesday (using heavy weight movements to finish off my biceps after the work they already got from doing back, and then the same with tris on Tuesday) Then I train them again on Friday with a very fast session using isolation work, higher reps, and very little rest time. Do you think my arms are getting enough rest this way? I kind of like hitting them very fast and intensely twice a week, but if the general view is that one larger training session would be better, then I would give that a go.

thanks :slight_smile:


im not to big of a fan of working only 2 body parts a day the only split I do is c/s/t b/b/l 2 day on 1 day off 2 day on 2 day off. IM a huge fan of powerlifting strength training and full body workouts but I recognize accessory lifts.

instead of french presses what about close grip bench presses and skull crushers- great for adding mass and strength

I notice your working biceps and triceps 2 x a week - lagging body parts?

I think the above split I mention might be more suitable for your needs and what you described - youll be hitting 2 body parts a week hard and heavy.

my .02