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Training Split for BBing & Strength


i am looking for a training split that combines bodybuilding and strength building principals i have been doing a 5 day BB split and had good results i am starting a bulk and want to do a routine thats focused around compund movements like the old school guys used to do. i have been lifting for 1.5 years


You haven't been looking very hard.
Or at all really.
There is a thread exactly about this about 4 or 5 down in this forum.




i read that post just wanted other options




Try this one



this! that routine i posted is a very nice blend of strength and bodybuilding focused work, designed by some of the best in the business.


Ever try perusing the HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of articles on this site concerning this subject? Or the THOUSANDS on the net or in books in bookstores and libraries?


It's like I have seen this post in a couple threads :slight_smile:


Oh yeah? Couldn't be me who posted it.