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Training Split Advice

I am currently focusing mainly on powerlifting and am running a upper/lower split. In a few months, I’m going to switch to a bodybuilding focused program. I’m wondering what kind of split would be optimal. I can only consistently work out 4x per week. I’ve heard that 2x per week muscle protein synthesis for each muscle is better than 1x per week even if volume remains the same. This would mean I either need to do either full body or a 2 day split. From what I understand this is pretty unconventional for bodybuilders. Splits like push/pull/legs or body part splits are more common it seems. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods? Even when I’m running a bodybuilding routine I’d like to practice the powerlifts at least 1x per lift per week so I can keep good form for when I switch back to powerlifting (I also love performing the lifts).

I’ve always been a fan of push/pull/legs. I don’t know what days you’ll be able to train, so that affects what I’m recommending. If you could go Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, I’d suggest doing a combo on Sunday & Friday (Push + Legs, Push + Pull, or Legs + Pull), and then whatever you want to focus on out of PPL on Tuesday and Thursday.

I don’t recommend a body part split (think your typical bro split). I know from experience that hitting a muscle once a week doesn’t work very well if you’re a novice or intermediate lifter. You’re better off trying to do push pull legs each twice per week. For me, squatting and pulling twice a week is the highest frequency I can reasonably achieve while still being fully recovered for each session.

While you’re bodybuilding, you can still do the powerlifts. Squatting, benching, and (kind of) deadlifting are all viable exercises for bodybuilders, you just have to change your set/rep scheme to be more hypertrophy oriented.

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At 15 I’d forget about bro splits for quite a while and do a program off T Nation like one of these…

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