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Training Speed & Strength/Mass

According to Tom Kurz, in his book the Science of Sports Training, he says that speed training can be done before strength/hypertrophy training as long as the speed exercises are not done to failure and in smaller volume than in hypertrophy training (if hypertrophy is the main goal. However, is it possible to develop both speed and strength/muscle mass within the same microcycle or do you have to maintain one of those abilities while working on developing the other (e.g. maintain speed for several weeks, while developing strength/muscle mass)?

Also, Kurz mentions in the book as well as in couple of his online articles, that both speed training and hypertrophy training tax the nervous system heavily. Yet, he says that a speed workout can preceded a strength/hypertrophy workout. I am confused? I want to train in speed/plyometrics to increase my overall martial performance and obviously get faster and more powerful, but what am I supposed to do if I want to also increase my muscle mass/strength?

If you do speed work before your lifting, it should not affect it. When you do your speed work, you should have ample rest in between each sprint or whatever else you’re doing. Speed work is not conditioning, and it shouldn’t wear you out.