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Training Soon After Waking Up


Because my limited Time and Work etc. i want to train right after Wake Up. I use the “best damn plan for natural Lifters”.

Do i need to wait some Time (for example 45 Minutes) after Wake up and get first some Carbs and Proteins or can i start 10 Minutes after Wake up and take Protein and Carbs (Dextrose) intra Workout and for Post Workout (also with oats).

Is it bad for the body/health, to train direct after Wake up?

It’s not bad. Probably not ideal because the nervous system is not likely to be in the best working condition and performance might not be as good. Having carbs before, in this situation, might actually makes matters worse by lowering cortisol. And in this situation you will actually need more cortisol to increase adrenaline in your workout and be able to train hard.

I would have the breakfast after the session. You can have a protein shake before the workout though.

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Thank you very much for your answer!

So then it is the best also no carbs (dextrose for example) during the workout and take it all after the workout?

If the workout was longer than one hour you could take carbs intra workout starting at around the mid point (once adrenaline has already been released) but the program you are on is short, so there is no need for it and its a time of day where you actually want a bit more cortisol.

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Thank you very much!

My two cents, as I am in the same position (wake up at 4,am train at 5.am)

Wake up, coffee + 50g cream of rice, almond milk… (42g carbs) throw in the mircowave for 60 secs then add:
Splenda (if you like sweet)
teaspoon of cinnamon
20g natural peanut buttes (10.g fat, 6 protein)
25g whey (21g protein)

Stir up and enjoy a classic concoction bowl - John Meadows style. Digests a treat, tastes ace.

Being drinking para-workout protocol 5-10 mins before lifting, finish at the end of workout.

Enjoy your post-workout meal 60-90 mins after.

I adjust macros of each part of this protocol depending on goals and muscles trained (push about the above, legs higher in pre, para and post work-out feedings)

Works a treat

Your welcome :wink:

fasted training are nice too

If someone is training first thing, then yeah, I would agree because cortisol is supposed to be high in the morning. And also because the glycogen stores will still be full in the AM (especially if you had carbs in your last meal of the day). At any other time in the day (especially PM), training fasted might not be optimal for size gains.