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Training Software

I have many training books filled from many years of training. My wife suggested that I get a good software program and enter all of my past sessions.

The problem is I am not a computer guy and really am not sure what sort of software would be needed. Are any of you aware of any good training software packages that might fit my purposes?

Thanks in advance.

well i am still looking for a good training log software, but the best right now is just use a speadssheet like Microsft Excel

I was thinking I could get something that could organize and pull up various items at request.

Poliquin is selling a tracking software seminar, so I would presume that means he is also selling the software but i couldn’t find it on his site (Only a brief search)

Check out his latest TIp for that info

I think Charles Staley sells some software on his website at www.myodynamics.com

Just checked, and yes, yes he does sell some tracking software on his website.

Hope this helps

Will do Sonny, thanks!