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Training Software?

Has anyone used any of the training software / tracking programs out there? I figure it could be more usful than my note book.

I have yet to find anything that’s more convenient than a regular old paper notebook. Just my two cents’ worth…

Charles Staley Training Manager Software is great and highly recommended.

Have you tried X-Size software vs. CHarles Stanley?

You can do almost anything with MS Excel or another spreadsheet program.

X-size software is supposed to plot out your workouts for you, some kind od Artificial Inteligence, taking into account your diet and recovery, as well as reps and set for growth.

I have been working on a detailed spreadsheet to enter information for training and diet. Total macro counts and a piet chart with embedded calculations to determine percents of Carbs, prot, and fat from total calories. Anyway, I will email you the workbook if you like - I am trying to get one of the tech geeks to help me enhance the program - it looks pretty good for diet right now