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Training since November 2010...


Hello all, I've been training for fat/weight loss since November. Started out at 280 pounds, I'm at 249 now and down two pant sizes (originally 42, now 38), etc. It's definitely working for me.

But I'm finding my current routine (full body deadlift day, then full body squat day, rinse and repeat) is quickly becoming 'easy', even with increasing weights. My old roommate, who's been lifting for years, suggested I move toward a Push/Pull workout.

His basic suggestion was to do a day of Lower Body Pulls, a day of Upper Body Pushes, a day of Upper Body Back, and a day of Lower Body Pushes. He said that I'm at the point where moving away from full body a bit would be in line with my current goals, which can be summarized as 'jacked'. I have no issues being 'bigger', but I want to be impressively big, not fat big.

Now, I'm asking for help in filling out the details of his suggestion; which exercises to use, rest intervals, rest days, etc. that would be achievable with my current level of physical fitness.

I currently deadlift 305 for 3 of 10, squat 280 for 3 of 10, and 125 for 3 of 10 bench press (something I want to improve on, but I'm having trouble with), I use 35 pound DBs for basic shoulder presses and basic curls both at 3 of 10. I also play soccer every Wednesday as additional intensive cardio on top of the 20 minutes I do after every workout.

Hopefully that gives you a bit of an idea of where I'm at, and hopefully somebody will be gracious enough to give me some more detailed direction to work from.


look up 531 or the bodybuilding bible in the bb forum. at your level you could probably stand to do something like 5x5 for a bit longer though imo, not sure what full body program you're on now but 3x10 is going to be pretty light and boring.


check this out


I'll check that out.

The program I'm currently on is basically the one that I got when I first started going to the gym. It was designed by the personal trainer I hired through my University gym, and it was a 3 day a week full body program that basically gave me the foundation knowledge and skills. It's worked for me so far but, like I said, I'm looking to push myself, as it's becoming 'easy'.

Originally all I wanted was to lose the fat. That quickly changed as I began to see appreciable changes in my physique and I saw the gains in my lifts. Losing the fat and shrinking the pants size is still my top priority, but if I can do that by gaining muscle, which, from my personal experience, is entirely possible, that's what I want to do. That's why I'm asking for advice on changing my routine so it is more in line with my new desires.

This 5x5 program looks really promising. If you believe that it will be beneficial for fat loss and muscle/strength gains, then I think I may have found what I'm looking for.

Anyone else have any opinions/suggestions/criticisms that would help? I'm all ears.


I was in a similar boat.. down from 286 to mid 240's, My workout is broken down into 3 cycles of 4 month periods, where I change my training up with different exercise and reps/ volume/ intensity each month, but adhere to the goal of each cycle.

Just set your goal of what you want over say next 3-4 months and change work exercises and reps. I would look also at Westside Training methods to go along with 531, 5x5 or whatever else you may choose. You have to try to see what works for you but as long as your training hard your going to get gains.

I am using both methods this Fall/Winter, when I am working more on my strength phase of training. There are tons of resources on this site with various workouts. One thing I would always suggest, work your weak points first, that will give you the greates gains overall, your weakpoints will hold you back gains size wise and strength wise.
good luck