Training Shoulders with Neck Arthritis

Have fairly severe neck arthritis. Shoulder training gets it sparked up pretty good. Ortho said nothing above shoulder level, military press, DB presses, etc… Naturally I don’t take his advice, until recently. So, how to train shoulders without irritating neck arthritis? So far I have:

Lat Raises
Front Raises (Cables are better)
Rear Delt Machine (Pec Dec)

I have started working some crossbody lo to hi cable pulls. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My neck is destroyed.
And I really can’t train

You can do a lot of training with sub maximal read tiny loads.

Face pulls
Black burns
LYTP raises
Joe de Franco Blackburn
Smitty diesel LYTP
8 ways John meadows

Plate raises to the front
Db shrugs

Upright row or high pulls - modified

I would also suggest tiny seated db power clean and press
You can get a super pump with 15-20 db there.

I’ve found things like chest supported shoulder flys and or rows are very effective