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Training Shoes


Hey everyone.

Just wanted to get some different perspectives on which brand shoes you all wear for training. Of course I'm looking for a shoe that is comfortable and also flat-soled since I squat and deadlift. But I will do sprints, prowler work, and various conditions drills. So if you guys could reply and maybe include a brief review of the pair you guys own and also what your training goals are that would be awesome.



New balance minimus


I never understood anything about training shoes. I went from chuck taylor's to running shoes to 20$ cloth shoes to barefoot and back and forth I can't say what is the best yet. You get used to everything.


Vibram Five Fingers for squat/DL/front squat. If I'm doing sprints or something similar afterward on a hard surface, then I'll switch to running shoes (Nike Free). That being said, I've played speedball (NSW thing, think forward pass touch rugby) in my Five Fingers on a turf field, and was able to move/cut/stop better than running shoes - and ankles/calves weren't on fire the next day like I expected.


I thought so too until I squatted in a pair of Adidas Powerlift 2.0. It does feel way better


For everything you want to do its hard to just pick one pair. I would never squat in something I sprint in for example. If you're going to do all of the above in the same shoe, crossfit shoes like the nike metcon 1 or reebok nanos might be a good choice.


have reebok lite lo(like a crossfit/chuck taylor ripoff) very stable and pretty much bombproof


X2, these are my favorite shoes to lift in for everything except squats. Ramalloes for squats. I do like the 5 fingers too though. They're a little cold for the garage this time of year.


Lift in chucks, but sprint in saucony something or others. For some reason shoes with raised heel (work boots, riding boots, rubber boots, etc...) cause me foot pain. The sauconys have almost no slope from heel to toe, and have been the most comfortable running shoe's I've ever had. Tried to overhead press in them once. Felt like I was standing on a bosu ball. Worth owning a couple different pairs for different things imo.


^ This for versatility.


I use olympic lifting shoes with a wooden heel for any kind of lifting except for deadlifts, which I do barefoot or in vans. Any type of cardio if done in ollo sapiens, which is a lot like a nike free.


Merrell Trail Glove. Flat and great fit. You are responsible for your ankles, though.


I have a pair of NB minimal shoes and also use indoor soccer shoes for the gym.

The indoor soccer shoes are often pretty flat and durable. Heaps of strongmen use them for competition.