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Training Shoes


I keep seeing people at the gym wearing those fivefinger shoes (you know, the ones that look like gloves for feet). I think they look completely ridiculous but I guess I would wear them if they are good training shoes.

I usually wear Nike Frees but my current pair is in decrepit shape, so I'm looking for something new. Does anyone have suggestions?

I was looking at these:





The latest shoe out that Cressey has been raving about is the New Balance minimus.



@Mateus Yea, I was looking at those as well...soooo many choices


I tried them on last week and they just feel weird. But then again I always have a very hard time finding a shoe that fits well. Under Armor still the best for me and just kick them off when squatting or pulling.


I lift bare foot.

Then again I do have a weight room setup at home :slight_smile:


Does it really make such difference with what shoes you are training?


try them on and see how they feel. some people find they get a better fit out of one or the other of the models.


Well, to a degree, yes. If you are doing deadlifts in a shoe that has an elevated heel then it make it hard to push through your heels and lean back like you are supposed to. Same with squats, an elevated heel will cause you to lean forward. Not such an issue with front squats but can be an issue with back squats.


My current training shoes are Nike free's. They're really comfortable and i love them. I just take them off to squat and deadlift but i am entering a powerlifting meet so I've started to squat and DL in my Vibrams. They are pretty good but they suck for lunges.


I've had a few Nike Frees, they're pretty nice. It feels weird to put on "normal" shoes now.

Don't buy New Balances, those are for nerds.

Vibrams (the "toe" shoes) are supposed to have some awesome benefits. I would look heavily into those.



Can't beat the price.

Vibrams are awesome though.


Money well spent. I tell everyone who is serious about getting a new shoe for training is Vibrams.


Vibrams for the win. Just wash them once in a while. You will learn why!!!!


HEY, hey. Easy with hatin on the balance brother! :wink: The new ones actually utilize the vibram as the sole. Still felt weird though.


I agree there.


Chucks for squats, deads, and rows.
For other lifts any shoe will doe.

Someone probably will have a problem with this but military boots are the best footwear for squats and leg work IMHO.


Chuck Taylors.

Under Armour Proto-Evade... good luck finding these though.


Chucks work great for me but I can definitely appreciate how olympic shoes would help for constant tension front squats. If i remember right Shelby Starnes is also wearing the new balance ones (they have a big N on them anyway). I he is they can't be bad..


I have chucks, love them for anything which is done standing. I've ordered weightliftin shoes for squats so that I don't have to elevate my heels with plates.

I can't stand squats in flat heeled shoes, too much forward lean (thus lower back-glute-ham takes over the whole movement). I need a 1.25kg plate (which is about 1.5 cms thick)


I just got these for the Prowler and upper body work. They are similar to the Minimus:




And I deadlift in Chucks.