Training Shoes. Now. Help.

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new balance minimus might be worth checking out. Pretty similar to some of the aforementioned shoes. [/quote]
Have a pair, love to do everything in them but run actually, but I have been fighting a bad Achilles [/quote]

I have these also and strained both my achilles running in them. Sucks because I really like trail running in them.

Two of my friends with the Minimus shoes have ripped them in a matter of a few months, so I avoided them.

Converse are not worth spending over $15-20 on. The prices really went up in the last 5 years or so when they became trendy again. I usually go to Kohls or Payless and get a pair of store brand flat soled shoes for $15. I’m thinking about the adidas powerlifts or some other oly shoes for squatting, and then use the cheapos for everything else.

Nike Frees suck. thats all im saying

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my favorites

Merrell Trail Glove[/quote]

I vote for these as well. I bought a pair in the summer and love them for everything. I’d squatted pretty much exclusively in O-shoes for a couple of years but went a bit wider and these work well. They’re super light and it’s like your feet are getting hugged. They have a vibram sole without the gay factor of the five finger.

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Nike Frees suck. thats all im saying[/quote]
I have the old school ones, circa 2007 or 2008 with a lateral stability strap. They are great. Every Nike Free after that year has sucked.

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you are all wrong, i am right, these are the best. scientific fact.

btw, these are not my legs, my calves are much much smaller.


I own these. Same colour as a matter of fact.

Great overall shoes - excellent for front squats, although not ideal for back squats (for my biomechanics anyway). Doesn’t matter as I’ve stopped doing them anyway.

Also great for deadlifting. The heel is a very dense foam that hardly compresses

those look sick, especially the red and black ones. I might pick them up soon. I want something with an elevated heel but I can’t justify $150-200 atm

If your shoes smell like ass put them in a sealy bag and stick them in the freezer to kill the bacteria

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If your shoes smell like ass put them in a sealy bag and stick them in the freezer to kill the bacteria[/quote]

Thanks I’ll be giving this a try.

[quote]PB Andy wrote:
my favorites

Merrell Trail Glove[/quote]

Eh, I tried on the Merrell Trail glove at a Mountain Equipment Coop. They felt awesome but when I tried ‘spreading the floor’ with them they rolled out a little. They also had a pair of trail runners that I was very impressed with. Dont forget I’ll be doing prowler pushed and squats with these. I’ll just go barefoot for deadlifts for now.

Bought these. $145.00 after tax. Really good fit.