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hi everyone im at a loss with my purchase of new training shoes, I like the minimalistic shoes like the Nike free etc. I do a lot of crossfit type workouts, Olympic lifting and running.

any suggestions?


Brooks minimalist line is the best balance for me. They have a model with a 4mm offset yet a bit of pronation support.


There’s a lot to choose from, for sure.

Inov8 has good options for a minimal shoe and if you’re into Crossfit there is always the Reebok line. They too have more of a minimal design.

Everyone has their own preference and what is great for me or you might not work for the next guy.


Mudflap: best possible answer !

You have to find what FITS and then what is going to work best for You !


I love my inov8’s for ultimate Frisbee and muddy trail/obstacle course running but for anything on hard surfaces (with the xfit type models) they feel as hard as rock. Some people love that though.


i know alot of people hate them but i still use a pair of vibrams for my lifting. close to the ground and very stable. besides that ive used the Nanos which seem pretty good just my foot is narrow and they have a wide toe box


Used Vibram Fivefingers for ages. Would avoid running in them, all other things they are a winner. I now lift in Adidas Power Perfect and train in Asics. Just avoid some of the new balance minimal shoes, they are not very well made.


[quote]Airborne88 wrote:
Just avoid some of the new balance minimal shoes, they are not very well made.[/quote]

Agreed. I didn’t mind doing conditioning in mine, but I felt they were too weak and flexible on the sides for leg work.