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Training + Shiftwork

Ok, did not know exactly which forum this belongs in…it’s a training issue, a nutrition issue, and a stimulant use issue …so I put it here.

12 hr shifts…days and nights. For many cops, firemen, paramedics, nurses, prison guards and a whole pile of other people out there a 12hr schedule with radical swings from week to week is a common issue.

I am wondering how people with this kind of schedule balance training, nutrition and other issues ( IE how to take clen or an ECA stack when your sleep pattern is irregular.)

Please share.

I’m a ICU nurse working night shift, Friday through Sunday. Typically, I get up and take a protein shake around 1400, sleep for another 2 hrs then get up just before 1600 and train for an hour. When I get up to train is when I take my BCAA’s and HRX with some green tea (to wake me up a bit).

I try to stay up as late as possible on Thursday nights (usually until about 0300 on Friday) then sleep all day Friday. On Mondays when I get off of work, I head to bed and sleep for about 3-5 hrs. Mondays are my rest day from training, so I don’t worry about when I train then. The rest of the week I train when I feel like it and take my supplement around that.

Is this the information you were looking for?