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Training Sessions

going to start logging on a website again and hopefully keep everything updated here I guess

important side note: had a spinal injury in 2013 I managed to slip my disc in a squatting session I still have minor complications to this very day.

(sad face)

bb curls 3 sets of 15 @ 77 lbs

weighted chin ups 3 sets of 10 @ 45 lbs


Nice little session. Wish I could do weighted chins! Keep at it.


thank you

olympic squats

7 sets of 10 @ 155 lbs

bb curls

7 sets of 10 @ 77 lbs

someone else going to be logging here too from now on and I am going to be actively helping out with the lifting progression and the programming

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I’m joining the fray with @messomi, thank you for inviting me to share the log with you while I’m learning. When I feel I can stand on my own two feet I’ll start my own.

Monday 7/9/18
-Lat Pull Down 3 sets of 10 @ 44lbs
-Seated Cable Row 3 sets of 10 @ 44lbs
-Bicep Curl 3 sets 10 @ 18lbs
Arc Machine and Stair Climber for warm up and a bit of cardio

Tuesday 7/10/18
-Leg Press 4 sets of 10 @ 80lbs
-Glute Machine 10 @ 28lbs - 5 @ 18lbs

Wednesday 7/11/18
-Arc Machine
-Row Machine

Thursday (Today) I’ll be taking a "rest day’’ of sorts. I did a bit of stretching and foam rolling this a.m. and this evening I’ll be doing light calisthenics and yoga.

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Olympic squats 4 sets of 10 @ 170 lbs

full range of motion

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Friday 7/13/18

I was able to catch the spin class at my gym this morning so that was an added bonus to my workout. 45 minutes of calorie scoring in the books for today. I was able to turn the resistance up more than usual which was great but it slowed me down a bit but it was worth it.

-Bench Press 5x5 @ 45lbs (next time I’m going for 55lbs)
-Tricep extension machine 5x5 @ 30lbs
-Incline Chest Press 5x5 @ 50lbs

I’m having trouble losing body fat so I’m cutting sugar out completely. That’s a major vice of mine. Hopefully that will help.

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cutting out sugar completely sounds extremely hard.

It’s going pretty good tbh. I made up my mind and now it’s all mind over matter. I can feel my body changing. My body is starting to run on its own energy not sugar energy so I’m a little sluggish till everything adjusts.


bb curls

4 sets of 10 @ 85 lbs

strict press

4 sets of 10 @ 100 lbs

working my way up with the strict presses again until I get where I was before.

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Saturday 7/14/18

Ab machine
5x5 @65lbs straight
5x5 @65lbs right
5x6 @65lbs left

Seated Leg press
5x6 @ 100lbs

Some asshole left the leg press machine I normally use PACKED with weights. There was no way I was going to be able to move all of them so I had to make do with a different machine.

Glute Machine
5x5 @28lbs

I wore a hat today in the gym and it felt like I had a force field of invisibility around me…so I’ll be wearing one every day from here on out.

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good job!!

this is going to be monday’s training

Lat Pull Down 5 sets of 5
Seated Cable Row 5 sets of 5
Bicep Curl 5 sets 5

pick a heavy weight for the first 2 and be conservative with the final exercise you can substitute the last exercise with a cable curl if you want.

take enough time to rest in between sets

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Ppl have no consideration for one another anymore, I sometimes wish I was signed up at a gym just because they have a few pieces of equipment that I don’t have at home and then I see experiences like this and figure I’m better off working out at home. Your avi looks familiar btw.

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Sorry to hear about the slipped disc, that’s a nice weight you’re still curling for that many reps though, death to shirt sleeves everywhere. I love doing 21’s for a mad pump.


You’re right people have no consideration for anybody but themselves. You know leaving weights on a machine is honestly not the end the world it’s not much more than a tiny hiccup but for somebody like me who can’t move all of them—it’s an issue.

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Monday 7/16/18

Had a absolute killer spin class this morning. Burned 440 calories in an hour and came in 2nd place for milage in class—next time I’m going for 1st.

Lat pull down 5x5 @ 49lbs
Seated Cable Row 5x5 @ 49lbs
Cable curl 5x5 @ 20lbs

I’m having trouble finding a bicep exercise that works for me. I thought the cable curl would work better for me but I kept having to focus or not falling forward.

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good training

lat pull down where the weights too heavy? or were they doable? just pick another exercise next time or maybe try the ez curl bar again.

you’ll find the right exercise you like I am sure.

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Doable and I almost felt the need to add 5 more lbs.

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lol @Cutty-Boudreaux next time add 10-15 pounds to the seated cable row it should be easy and maybe 10 to your pulldowns

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